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What are PoE currency?

The economy in PoE is based on a very interesting mechanic. There's an abundance of different Orbs in the game, each serving various crafting purposes. However, all these Orbs simultaneously function as the game's currency! You can utilize Orbs for crafting or trade them with other players for items you need more. ?

In Path of Exile, PoE Orbs are a type of currency item used for various purposes within the game's economy. They have different effects and functions, allowing players to modify and enhance their equipment. Examples of PoE Orbs include Divine Orbs, Chaos Orbs, Chromatic Orbs, Exalted Orbs, Orbs of Fusing, Orb of Regret, Orb of Alchemy, and Jeweller's Orbs. Among these, Divine Orb is the most valuable orb in Path of Exile now which is equivalent to 200+ Chaos Orbs. These PoE orbs for sale are primarily used for crafting, trading, and altering the properties of weapons & armor. They play a significant role in Path of Exile's gameplay and economy, allowing players to customize and enhance their characters' gear.

- POE Chaos Orb: The Chaos Orb is primarily used for crafting and trading. Chaos Orbs are valuable because they can reroll the random properties of rare items, turning them into potentially more powerful items. They are also commonly used as a form of trade PoE currency in player-to-player, as many items in the game have their value measured in Chaos Orbs.

- POE Orb of Fusing: The Orb of Fusing is primarily used for modifying the links between sockets on an item. In Path of Exile, items can have sockets that can be linked together to support various gems. Using an Orb of Fusing on an item can randomly change the number and arrangement of links between the sockets. The goal is to maximize the number of linked sockets to optimize gem setups and increase the overall effectiveness of the item.

- POE Exalted Orb: Exalted Orbs possess immense power and are primarily used for enhancing rare items with additional modifiers. Exalted Orbs add a random affix to a rare item, making it potentially even more powerful. Due to their rarity and usefulness, Exalted Orbs are often seen as a high-value trading currency and are sought after by players looking to improve their gear.

- POE Ancient Orb: When used, Ancient Orb transforms an item into a different item of the same item class. However, the transformation is entirely random, which means there's no control over which item it will turn into. This randomness adds an element of chance and excitement to the Ancient Orb, making it a unique and unpredictable currency item.

- POE Orb of Regret: Buy PoE Orb of Regret that can be used to gain one passive skill refund point. This means if you've made a mistake with your character's passive skill tree, or if you simply want to try a different build, you can use these orbs to undo your choices.

- POE Chromatic Orb: A Chromatic Orb is an item that can be used to re-roll the color of sockets on an item. This is crucial for players who want to use certain combinations of skill and support gems, as each gem has a color (red, green, or blue) and can only be placed in a socket of the same color.

How does Path of Exile work?

The game features an enormous passive skill tree, on which the different starting classes represent different starting points. This allows classes have advantages for certain builds due to their proximity to particular passive skills, but still offering plenty of choice in both starting class and the path you can take on the skill tree. Choosing a starting class does not lock players into a certain playstyle, but every class can choose one of the 3 Ascendancy classes later down the line to specialize in a certain area.

Path of Exile also offers a unique skill and support gem system. The active skills your character uses are socketed into items via skill gems, and support gems can be linked to them to empower them or completely change how they work. You want your Fireball to hit a larger area or penetrate the enemies' resistance? It is certainly possible, but you can also make it chain onto other enemies after hitting your first target, or trade its Area of Effect radius for even more damage. The skill gem system is therefore heavily tied into gearing: the more linked sockets an item has, the more powerful it will make your character. You can also modify items with the game's currency system, as every currency item has a unique effect on certain items. The effects that can be unlocked and the way the value of an item can be multiplied with a lucky Vaal or Exalted orb, for example, can make crafting well worth the investment.

Why do you need to buy Path of Exile currency?

The ways to use currency in Path of Exile are diverse - from basic trading to crafting rare PoE items. While playing, you can obtain currency by looting mobs. However, the easiest way to acquire cheap orbs is to buy them from Overgear's professional traders! We offer various kinds of orbs for sale. The currency system in PoE is intricate, so it's crucial to know precisely why you need, for instance, an Orb of Regret or Exalted Orb. Currency items are also vital for crafting. Some top-tier Path of Exile currency items are quite expensive. Here are some currency types:

Functional currency — consumable items serve specific purposes for players in Path of Exile. For instance, Chaos Orbs are used for reforging rare items with new random modifiers, while PoE Exalted Orbs are utilized for enchanting rare items with new modifiers;

Shards and fragments — the only way to use these items in the game is by combining them to create complete items.

So why do you need them? Currencies serve multiple purposes in the game. They enable you to boost your character by respeccing skill points, crafting remarkable gear, or facilitating trades for desired equipment through in-game trade systems.

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What will the devs do about the silver/essence duplicators in Skull and Bones?

What will the devs do about the silver/essence duplicators in Skull and Bones?

In the world of Skull and Bones, a debate rages on about the fate of the silver/essence duplicators. Players are divided between those advocating for a ban and those indifferent to the issue. Summary Players worry about the game’s health if cheats run rampant. Some see the grind as a necessary evil, even if it means playing by the rules. Debate over the abundance of silver complicates the issue. Players’ Sentiments Many-King-6250 noted the game’s decline might deter devs from addressing cheats, making players apprehensive about the future player base. BadMonkeyBad expressed initial excitement about a cheat but felt disheartened by the need for a friend to use it, leading to a return to grinding. denchy07 raised suspicions of a panicking player potentially caught in cheating and facing repercussions. Debating Silver Abundance ApeDownvoteMe advocated for banning cheaters but highlighted a surplus of silver, questioning the necessity of more powerful items and the current gear system. Cyklisk dismissed concerns about cheating, boasting a substantial amount of silver earned legitimately, implying little impact from potential bans. Mapex_nl painted a vivid picture of the duping situation, likening it to robbing a bank, and urged the devs to take strict actions against offenders, emphasizing fair play. Visit our website MMOWOW to purchase Skull and Bones Silver and Items at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.
Free to Play Guide on How to Earn Night Crows Diamonds

Free to Play Guide on How to Earn Night Crows Diamonds

Wemade's latest MMORPG game, Night Crows, has been taking the Web3 gaming world by storm . Night Crows features a whole new adventure, combining classic MMORPG elements like class systems, grinding mobs, and loot drops with the added twist of tokenized assets and NFTs. The game features a player-owned Exchange (marketplace) system where your grind pays off in more ways than one. If you're ready to jump in as a Free to Play (F2P) player, stick with this guide as I'll show you how to efficiently gain experience, loot, and, most importantly, earn diamonds and $CROW. The Tokens Before we hit the grind, let's break down Night Crows' economy. Night Crows Economy introduces the players to 7 types of Multi-Utility Tokens. At first, it sounds like it's a bit too much but think of them as your RPG currencies such as gold, diamonds, food, upgrade scrolls, etc. The primary currency we'll focus on is $CROW. While other tokens like Papyrus and Morion play significant roles within the game's economy (they are core in-game items that can be minted), our primary objective is to accumulate $CROW tokens through strategic gameplay. Since we already established that our goal is to get $CROW tokens, it will then lead us to a core economy mechanic which is converting the in-game currency "Diamonds" into $CROW. Diamonds are a premium currency on Night Crows which are used to purchase several items in-game from the Exchange (Player Marketplace) and other uses such as Summons, battle passes, etc. Players can also buy diamonds from the game through conventional means such as credit cards but take note that only Diamonds earned directly from the Exchange and from the Request station (Player missions) are allowed to be converted into $CROW, thus these diamonds are called Value Added Diamonds (vDIA). Let the Grind Begin Alright, now that we know what token we're aiming for, let's start grinding! This guide will focus on a free-to-play player's perspective on maximizing level-ups and earning diamonds. I'll divide the guide into pre and post-level 30 sections. Pre-Level 30 At the start of the game, you will be prompted to choose a class. These initial classes are Warrior, Swordman, Hunter, and Witch. You don't have to stress much about which class to choose as the game allows you to change classes later on. But Since this guide is about maximizing your levels and earning potential, i recommend you go for the Hunter class. The Hunter class opens up the route for the range character build (archer) which provides an edge on farming Mobs as you can attack from a distance, possibly earning a little more EXP than other classes. Our main goal for Pre-level 30 is not earning night crow diamonds, but instead power level to level 35 as fast as possible (level 35 unlocks you to Sell items on the Exchange). Here are some tips and tricks to do this: Focus on completing main quests: As you explore the map, you might discover that monsters drop valuable loot, tempting you to farm them passively and neglect your missions. However, defeating these mobs early in the game doesn't yield significant experience points (XP), especially when compared to the rewards from completing your main quests. Therefore, avoid getting sidetracked and concentrate on clearing your main quests. Manage Your Potion Use: Potions are essential for keeping your character alive in Night Crows, especially since a significant part of the game involves AFK farming. The game features an "Auto use" potion mechanic. This function allows you to set an HP threshold at which your potion will automatically be consumed. However, it's important to note that overstocking on potions before heading into battle is unnecessary. In fact, purchasing too many potions can deactivate the auto-regen feature. So, how many potions are "too many"? It depends on the capacity of your Bag. Whenever you buy a potion, a meter displaying your bag's capacity will appear. To prevent disabling your potion's auto-regen, ensure you do not exceed 70% of your bag's capacity. Use your Mount to travel instead of Teleporting: As a free-to-play player, we try to save as many resources as we can, and this includes saving gold. Instead of spending gold on using waypoints, you can just use your mount to fast travel. After unlocking a mount, you can activate it by pressing "Z" on your keyboard. Improve your Growth rate and focus on ACC stat: As you continue clearing the main quests, as a free-to-play player, you will eventually get into some walls like Boss levels that are too hard to clear, or Mobs that deal too much damage. To keep up with these obstacles you will need to Upgrade your stats, skills, and items. The main stats of your character are ATK, DEF, and ACC. ATK and DEF are pretty much self-explanatory, on the other hand, the ACC (Accuracy) stat is a crucial stat that affects the chances of your enemy evading your attack, this stat plays a much bigger role against higher level Mobs as level difference will make your attacks miss most of the time. To enhance your stats and overall "Growth Rate," upgrading your weapons and armor is essential. You can initiate an upgrade by selecting your weapon or armor and clicking the Upgrade button. It's important to note that a specific type of upgrade scroll is required to complete the upgrade process. Managing Your Skills Books Skills play a crucial role in your character's growth rate, often dealing significant damage or applying buffs. You can access your character's skills tab by pressing "K" on your keyboard. Before learning a skill, players must first acquire and use the spellbooks that contain the specific skills they wish to learn. For new players, skill book merchants can be found in the villages within the game's regions. A tip for purchasing skill books is to always verify that the spellbook you intend to buy is compatible with your current class. Additionally, it's important to check the requirements for each spellbook. Some spellbooks are part of a series that progressively increases a skill's level, and they must be purchased and used in order. Let us use the "Stone Shatter" Skill series as an example, to activate it. you must first buy and use "Stone Shatter 1," then "Stone Shatter 2," and finally "Stone Shatter 3." If you already have Stone Shatter 1 and purchase "Stone Shatter 3" without having "Stone Shatter 2," you won't be able to use it until you acquire and activate "Stone Shatter 2." The Collection Some items, gear, and loot are categorized as collectibles and can be registered through the "Collect" Menu. Registering these items means they are permanently consumed and cannot be retrieved. However, in exchange, it grants the character-specific stats depending on the collection they've unlocked. As a Free-to-Play player, you have the option to either hoard the items you've collected to sell on the Exchange later or register them to enhance your character's stats. If you choose the latter, I recommend completing sets that boost ACC (Accuracy) stats. Another beneficial stat is HP regen, which can help save resources by reducing the need for potions. AFK MOB FARMING Alright, so you've hit a wall and are stuck on some main quests, but you realize you just need some level-ups to progress. Where should you AFK farm then? (In classic MMORPGs, players will "AFK" idle farm mobs in specific areas to continue their characters' progress.) Here's the tip: once you unlock the Exchange (player marketplace) at Character level 10, you can scout items that are trading at a good price. For example, let's say the item "Rabbit Meat" is trading at a good price. Note that "Rabbit Meat" is just an example, but it represents a plausible outcome compared to trying to farm rarer items. You can then scout the Map and find a place where the rabbit meat has a chance to drop. You can do this by opening your map (press M on your Keyboard), hover on to some places on the Map and then checking the possible loot drops. Post-Level 30 Congratulations on reaching level 30! This milestone unlocks new features in the game, particularly the opportunity to earn more night crow diamonds. For Free-to-Play players aiming to maximize earnings, "Dungeons" become a key part of gameplay. Dungeons are special hunting fields available for limited periods, categorized into Normal and Special types. Understanding Dungeons Land of Prosperity: Offers players a chance to obtain more gold and the rare currency Morion, which can be converted into its tokenized form. Forest of Training: Focuses on providing players with essential crafting materials. Irletta Temple: Players can find Ancient Papyrus (another vital currency for tokenization) and materials primarily used for gear and enhancement scrolls. Sancona Ruins: This dungeon is ideal for gaining additional character experience and weapon proficiency. Masarta Ice Cavern (Special Dungeon): Like other dungeons, it offers rare loot, but accessing higher levels requires a specific item. To optimize earnings as a Free-to-Play player, prioritize completing Dungeons, especially the Land of Prosperity. Note that the Land of Prosperity and Forest of Training reset daily, allowing you to allocate 1 hour of game time to each. Other dungeons reset weekly and offer 8 hours of playtime each. A "time recharger" item can extend your playtime in a particular dungeon. Continue Upgrading your growth rate: Advancing past level 30 also unlocks the Creed Inheritance system, enhancing your character's stats by adopting a creed that aligns with your class. Each level-up grants 1 point of Creed to invest in core Creed stats like Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, Spirit, Intelligence, and Vitality. Similar to other RPGs, certain stats are more beneficial for specific classes, Strength and Vitality for tanks and fighters, Dexterity for agile classes like rogues and archers, and Intelligence and Spirit for magic users like the witch class. Trading on the Exchange Reaching character level 35 allows you to sell items you've collected on the Exchange. However, it's crucial to understand the difference between "Bound" and Regular Items. Bound items, often quest rewards, cannot be traded on the Exchange. They can still be utilized by registering them in the collection or using them in crafting. On the other hand, regular items without the Bound tag can be freely traded. Exchange Tips: When selling an item, reviewing market stats (like the latest price sold) can help you set a competitive price. The game deducts a small fee from the sale price (in diamonds), so the final amount received may differ from the listed price. When selling items in batches, the Exchange does not automatically adjust the total selling price to match the quantity. You must manually set the selling price to reflect the batch size accurately. Moving forward, your daily Free-to-Play routine should focus on completing main quests until your character reaches a wall, clearing daily quests, clearing dungeons, and completing missions available in the free section of the battle pass. And that wraps up our Night Crows Free to Play guide Night Crow Crew! The Diamonds you've collected can be converted into $CROW tokens once you hit character level 45. Reaching this milestone also unlocks the character NFT feature in the game, which we'll cover in a future guide. For now, enjoy your journey in the world of Night Crows, and we hope this guide helped. Visit our website MMOWOW to purchase Night Crows Diamonds at the cheapest rate on the web. We offer quick delivery, safe payments, and 24x7 chat support.