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How To Top-up Clash of Clans Gems

Before jumping to any other discussion, let’s first know about the Clash of Clans top up and how to do it. To top up COC, simply follow the instructions below:

1. Select Your Desired Clash Of Clans Gems Denomination

First off, start by selecting the amount of Gems you wish to purchase. MMOWOW, the Clash of Clans gems shop, offers an extensive array of options that fit your requirements.

2. Enter The Correct Clash Of Clans Player Tag (Ensure accuracy)

In this step, input your unique Player Tag. The accurate tag is the evidence that the Gems are credited to the correct account. Within the Clash of Clans game, you will find your player tag.

3.Select the Gems Quantity And click the “Buy Now” Button.

Specify the quantity of Gems you want to purchase and proceed by clicking the Buy Now button.

4. Provide Your Name, Phone Number & Email Address

To complete the COC gems buy process, enter your contact details. For smooth communication and delivery, make sure you enter accurate information.

5. Choose Your Convenient Payment Method & Proceed To Check Out

MMOWOW offers a wide range of payment options. You can choose any payment option according to your convenience.

6.After Completing The Payment, The Purchased Clash of Clans Gems Will Be Credited To Your Account

The Gems will be added to your Clash of Clans account after a successful payment or Clash of Clans top up. After that, it’s ready for you to use and enjoy.

About Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a popular iPad/iPhone/iPod/Android game created by "Supercell". It has been available internationally on the iTunes store for free since its initial v1.7 release on 2 August 2012, and on the Google Play Store since 8 October 2013. From rage-filled Barbarians with glorious mustaches to pyromaniac Wizards, raise your own army and lead your clan to victory! Build your village to fend off raiders, battle against millions of players worldwide, and forge a powerful clan with others to destroy enemy clans.

About Clash of Clans Gems

COC gems are the premium in-game currency. This currency is used to advance players’ villages in Clash of Clans. Players, at first step begin with 500 gems when they first download the game. Within 500 Gems, during the tutorial, 250 gems are mandatory to use.

Additionally, there are COC gems buying options. In addition, players can earn Gems by clearing Obstacles, completing Achievements, or purchasing them with real money. In numerous ways, you can utilize Clash of Clans Gems:

1. Acquiring Exclusive Items: You can purchase certain items with a substantial amount of gems. Those include the Pirate Flag, Mighty Statue, Ancient Barbarian Statue, Builder’s Huts, etc.

2. Purchasing Resources: Using gems, you can buy different quantities of resources like Elixir, Gold, or Dark Elixir.

3. Boosting Troop Training and Spell Brewing: The players can use gems to boost or finish the training of Troops in the Barracks and Dark Barracks. Also, they can speed up Spell brewing in the Dark Spell Factory and Spell Factory.

4. Clan Castle Troops & Quick Donations: Players can request Clan Castle troops before the expiration of cool-down gems. Also, they can request Gem to perform “Quick Donations” without training troops.

5. Accelerating Construction and Upgrades: Gem lets you instantly complete the construction or upgrade of Buildings. Also, it enables the player to Laboratory and Star Laboratory upgrades and rebuild Ruined Buildings in the Builder Base.

6. Resource Collector Boost: Gems speed up the resource collector’s production like Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Dark Elixir Drills.

7. Hero Healing and Recovery: Gems recover Heroes and increase their healing rate.

8. Purchasing Shields and Magic Items: The players can use gems to buy Shields with different durations. You can buy magic items from the trader and a 2-hour Village Guard to protect your base using Gem.

9. Builder Base Advantages: In the Builder Base, you can instantly obtain the next set of win bonuses using gems. Also, the players can activate the Clock Tower early.

10. Name Change and War Base Slots: After the free name change, if any player wants to change the name, they can do so using gems. Moreover, they can purchase additional slots for War Bases in the Village Edit Mode.

Clash of Clans Gems significantly enhance your gameplay as it’s a valuable asset. On top of that, this asset influences your progress within the game.

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