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  • Full House 1Star-S5

    Full House 1Star-S5

  • Priming Up 1Star-S5

    Priming Up 1Star-S5

  • Tight Crew 1Star-S3

    Tight Crew 1Star-S3

  • No Bowing Out 1Star-S3

    No Bowing Out 1Star-S3

  • Flare for Drama 1Star-S3

    Flare for Drama 1Star-S3

  • Win Oar Lose 1Star-S3

    Win Oar Lose 1Star-S3

  • Long Course 1Star-S4

    Long Course 1Star-S4

  • Pool Deck 1Star-S4

    Pool Deck 1Star-S4

  • Tatami Tumble 1Star-S2

    Tatami Tumble 1Star-S2

  • Sporting Conduct 1Star-S2

    Sporting Conduct 1Star-S2

  • Smashing Success 1Star-S2

    Smashing Success 1Star-S2

  • Ouch! 1Star-S2

    Ouch! 1Star-S2

  • Crushed Ice 1Star-S2

    Crushed Ice 1Star-S2

  • Green Gladiators 1Star-S1

    Green Gladiators 1Star-S1

  • Gold Stars 1Star-S1

    Gold Stars 1Star-S1

  • Orange Optimists 1Star-S1

    Orange Optimists 1Star-S1

  • Pink Pioneers 1Star-S1

    Pink Pioneers 1Star-S1

  • Paddle Pals 5Stars-S14-9

    Paddle Pals 5Stars-S14-9

  • Don’t Look Down 5Stars-S15-8

    Don’t Look Down 5Stars-S15-8

  • Party Time! 5Stars-S15-9

    Party Time! 5Stars-S15-9

  • Tuning In 4Stars-S16-4

    Tuning In 4Stars-S16-4

  • Positions! 4Stars-S16-5

    Positions! 4Stars-S16-5

  • Well Taut 5Stars-S16-7

    Well Taut 5Stars-S16-7

  • Worth It 4Stars-S12-9

    Worth It 4Stars-S12-9

  • Calamity! 4Stars-S13-7

    Calamity! 4Stars-S13-7

  • Engine That Could 4Stars-S13-8

    Engine That Could 4Stars-S13-8

  • Locked In 4Stars-S14-6

    Locked In 4Stars-S14-6

  • Lucky Shot 4Stars-S14-7

    Lucky Shot 4Stars-S14-7

  • Sync and Swim 4Stars-S15-5

    Sync and Swim 4Stars-S15-5

  • Victory Podium 4Stars-S11-9

    Victory Podium 4Stars-S11-9

  • Strong Numbers 4Stars-S12-8

    Strong Numbers 4Stars-S12-8

  • Limber Timber 1Star-S6

    Limber Timber 1Star-S6

  • Track and Field 1Star-S7

    Track and Field 1Star-S7

  • Chowing Down 1Star-S7

    Chowing Down 1Star-S7

  • Firing Range 1Star-S8

    Firing Range 1Star-S8

  • Game Plan 1Star-S5

    Game Plan 1Star-S5

  • Tip-Off 1Star-S5

    Tip-Off 1Star-S5

  • Pass Back 1Star-S5

    Pass Back 1Star-S5

  • Highland Games 1Star-S6

    Highland Games 1Star-S6

  • Above Board 1Star-S6

    Above Board 1Star-S6

  • Lofty Perch 1Star-S6

    Lofty Perch 1Star-S6

  • Warm Up 1Star-S4

    Warm Up 1Star-S4

  • No Splash Zone 1Star-S4

    No Splash Zone 1Star-S4

  • Well Suited 1Star-S4

    Well Suited 1Star-S4

  • Dive In 1Star-S4

    Dive In 1Star-S4

  • Hawk-Eyed 1Star-S2

    Hawk-Eyed 1Star-S2

  • Dual Flurry 1Star-S2

    Dual Flurry 1Star-S2

  • Self-Protection 1Star-S2

    Self-Protection 1Star-S2

  • Day in the Bay 1Star-S3

    Day in the Bay 1Star-S3

  • Double Scull Duo 1Star-S3

    Double Scull Duo 1Star-S3

  • Knot Bad 1Star-S3

    Knot Bad 1Star-S3

  • The Games Begin 1Star-S1

    The Games Begin 1Star-S1

  • Red Respect 1Star-S1

    Red Respect 1Star-S1

  • Final Countdown 1Star-S1

    Final Countdown 1Star-S1

  • Old Faithful 2Stars-S14-2

    Old Faithful 2Stars-S14-2

  • The Money Pit 2Stars-S15-1

    The Money Pit 2Stars-S15-1

  • Shake Things Up 2Stars-S15-2

    Shake Things Up 2Stars-S15-2

  • Bright and Early 2Stars-S16-1

    Bright and Early 2Stars-S16-1

  • Starlit Ceremony 1Star-S1

    Starlit Ceremony 1Star-S1

  • Blue Barons 1Star-S1

    Blue Barons 1Star-S1


What is Monopoly ?

Stickers in Monopoly GO are collectibles that allow players to unlock exclusive rewards. However, these stickers come with star ratings that depict their rarity. Hence, where one sticker would be easily found through in-game challenges, the other would require hassle. Once players have collected these stickers of different rarities (from one to five stars), they will be added to their respective album set of the album. After the album’s completion, players will be rewarded with exclusive prizes in the game. Players can get their hands on stickers by opening a Sticker Pack, and the odds of getting a 5-star-rated sticker depend on the type of Sticker Pack a player has.

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