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What is Albion Online Silver ?

Albion Online Silver is the main form of currency in the game, and Silver can be directly used to buy cosmetics or for other purposes as well. In addition to that, there is another currency, Albion Online Gold, and these two currencies can be exchanged for each other. Players can use Silver to buy Gold and Gold to buy Silver. Players can improve their gaming experience with Albion Online Silver/Gold.

How to Get Albion Online Silver

In Albion Online, there are many ways for players to acquire Silver.

1. Silver Drops. Players are killing mobs to drop a certain amount of Silver. You can also pick up Silver from the treasure area. Once the hidden treasure is destroyed, it will also drop Silver. Remember, all silver coins picked up from the ground belongs to the player. Guild receives taxation.

2. Bags of Silver. Silver bags can be found in random dungeon chests as rewards in the arena, as well as in weekly challenge chests. Although it cannot be traded, it can be deposited in a bank or spent directly.

3. Dungeons. Dungeons come in many forms: Solo-Dungeons, Group Dungeons, and Raid Dungeons. Earn Albion Online Silver by killing bosses, getting loot, and more.

In addition, Duelling, Treasure Sites, Treasure Hunting, Expeditions, Crafting and more can all produce Albion Online Silver, all of which require players' patience to complete. For players, killing bosses and breaking through new levels is the most interesting thing in the game. However, the Silver obtained through these methods cannot meet the needs of players. Therefore, buying Albion Online Silver online is the best choice.

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