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Vip Exclusive Discount

In addition to coupons or codes, registered users on MMOWOW.COM can enjoy additional discounts on their orders (ranging from 1% to 5%). Our member center has been upgraded to help customers get more additional order discounts to buy cheaper game products or service. Please check the details below carefully, and you will know exactly how much you can save when you place an order.

Your Total Spending On MMOWOW.COM Determines Your Final Vip Level

VIP 1: Your Spending (<$500), Get a 1% discount.

VIP 2: Your Spending ($500 to $1499) , Get a 2% discount.

VIP 3: Your Spending ($1500 to $2999), Get a 3% discount.

VIP 4: Your Spending ($3000 to $4999), Get a 4% discount.

VIP 5: Your Spending (≥$5000), Get a 5% discount.

Customers with any questions please contact us via our 24/7 online service.

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How To Get Member Discounts For Your Order?

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  • 1. Although tourists can also place orders on MMOWOW.com, but only after you become a registered user can enjoy our member discount.

  • 2. Your total spend on MMOWOW.com will determine your VIP level, which will also determine how much discount you end up enjoying.

  • 3. You can check your member level and discount rate in the Member Center.

How To Get Member Discounts For New Order?

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  • 1. Log in to your MMOWOW account before placing an order.

  • 2. Your member discount is automatically applied to the payment amount when you place an order.

  • 3. Note that coupons and member discounts in your account cannot be applied to orders at the same time.

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