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How to Trade Aion Kinah ?

Trade via Broker(Auction House):

1,You should put Items after you place Aion Gold order to the Auction House first;

2,Then tell us the items name or other details of Aion Kinah order:items name,item price,or screenshot of your listed  items.

3,We will buy your Items,then you will get your Aion Kinah, which is a secure trade method.

4,We don't pay the trade fee,You need pay the all broker trade fee( include registration fee and  transaction fee).

5,When you get any Aion Gold bonus discount,you can use discount code as this: if your order's quantity is 1030M or 1180M ,you can put 1030M or 1180M to Auction House,or we can't give you bonus :(

For Example:

When you order 1000M Aion Kinah,if you got 18%bonus,the order quantity is 1180M,so you can put 200 items, each price is 5.9M (200x5.9M) to Auction Hourse as total price 1180M,


Then tell us the name of items,we will buy them, you will get your Aion Kinah ,but you can't get 1180M,because you need pay the trade fee.BUT,we have added more bonus at order list page.Buy more get more discount Bonus!

If we have full stock,we will send your AION KINAH in 10minutes after we check over the order :) so you can check our stock first before you order.Thank you so much.

About Aion Kinah Trade Attention

1,We Always Keeping Large Aion Gold Stock ,When We have full stock ,We can deliver for your Aion Kinah order in 10Minutes,for keeping our fast speed of delivery,  you can ask our stock status before your order!

2,For keep you have more discount,Enjoy your VIP at our website,Please log  to your member center before you order,Log In NOW,Thank you very much!

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  • 100% Refund
    100% Refund

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Aion Classic EU confirms Executioner class, new instances, and level cap raise

Aion Classic EU confirms Executioner class, new instances, and level cap raise

The roadmap bug continues to proliferate across our genre, as Aion Classic EU shared its own 2024 roadmap last month in snazzy video format, which highlights plans for the server from January through June. The first half of the year will be punctuated by Update 2.7 in March and April, which will introduce the new Executioner class and open up new instances, while this summer brings Update 2.8 and a raise to the MMORPG’s level cap. Along the way, players can look for quality-of-life updates like cube and warehouse expansions, easier to get manastones, more crafting materials, and improved instance drops, as well as more events including the server’s first anniversary. The video roadmap awaits below the cut. In the meantime, Aion EU has been kicking off events for both Classic and Live: There is a new Daeva Pass, an event pass, loot events, and a Valentine’s Day event for Classic, while the Magical Frostcat event and Secret Hellpath event are still on until Wednesday, February 7th, in Live.