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About Hay Day

Step into the captivating world of Hay Day, where virtual farming comes to life! In this captivating game, you'll step into the boots of a farmer, cultivating crops, tending to adorable animals, and building the farm of your dreams.

Raise a menagerie of cuddly farm animals, including playful pigs, busy bees, and charming cows, all of whom contribute to your farm's success. Utilize your harvest to craft delicious goods like bread, pies, and even honey-infused candles, which you can sell to visiting customers or trade with friends in the bustling in-game market.

Beyond the serenity of farming life, Hay Day also invites you to be part of a vibrant community. Join forces with fellow farmers through the neighborhood feature, where you can chat, trade, and help each other thrive. Take part in exciting events and competitions that challenge your skills and offer fantastic rewards!

What are Hay Day diamonds?

Hay Day diamonds are a special type of currency that you can find within the popular mobile farming game – Hay Day. When playing the game, your main objective is to manage and expand your virtual farm by planting crops, taking care of animals, and engaging in various farming activities. Hay Day diamonds play a crucial role as a valuable resource in the game, allowing you to speed up tasks, purchase unique items, unlock premium features, and add delightful decorations to your farm. These diamonds are designed to enhance your gaming experience by providing convenience, efficiency, and exciting opportunities. Buy Hay Day diamonds, make faster progress, unlock exclusive content, and create a farm that reflects your personal style!

How to Get Diamonds in Hay Day?

Players can obtain Hayday Diamond in the game by the following methods:

● Complete achievements: Open the big house next to the truck in the cartoon farm, and after completing various tasks on the achievement list, you can receive Hay Day diamond rewards here.

● Catching new fish: Using magical fishing nets can obtain many rare items, including diamonds.

● Excavating them in the mine: Using a shovel to open a mine has a chance of obtaining Hayday diamonds, but the chance of obtaining diamonds depends on the tools you use.

● Finding them in Mystery Boxes and Treasure Chests: Some are mysterious decorative items when opened, while others are diamonds that appear.

● Finding them in Seasonal Mystery Gifts in the fishing area

● Watching ads: Don't worry when you're upset about ads in the game, because ads will give you diamond rewards for your efforts.

● Participating in events: Games often offer different activities based on seasonal changes, some of which require you to complete certain tasks, while most will directly reward you with Hayday diamonds.

● Maintenance compensation: When game technicians perform system repairs on internal bugs and other issues in the game, they will provide players with a certain amount of diamond compensation.

● Popping Tom's balloon: A little boy is holding a balloon near the store section, and when the balloon flies, he may also get a Hay Day diamond by breaking it.

● Reaching a derby threshold

● Leveling up: Of course, no matter what game, especially business games like HayDay. The account upgrade is crucial. The rewards obtained vary with different levels, and if they remain the same, more Hay Day diamonds will be obtained.

Although you can get Hayday Diamonds for free through these methods, the quantities are small. If you want to get a lot of Hayday diamonds quickly, the only way is to top up Hay Day Diamonds in the in-game store or on an online trading platform. Buying in the in-game store is simple, but the Hay Day top up service on the online marketplaces is more cost-effective.

How to Top Up Hay Day Diamonds on MMOWOW?

1. Log in to your MMOWOW account. If you don’t have an account, please register one.

2. Select the denomination of Hay Day Diamond.

3. Enter your Hay Day Player Tag.

4. Select your payment method and make payment.

5. Once the payment is completed, the Hay Day Diamond will be recharged to your account soon.

How to Find Your Hay Day Player Tag?

1. Log into the game using your account.

2. Tap on the gear icon in the bottom right corner.

3. Tap on the book icon and your Player Tag will be displayed under the search box.

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