How To Unlock Masterworking In Diablo 4

Posted: 2024-05-27

Posted: 2024-05-27

Source: MMOWOW

DMasterworking is a new crafting system in Diablo 4, introduced in Loot Reborn. Masterworking allows players to alter their gear to fit their build and play style better. Masterworking isn’t as simple as visiting the blacksmith, requiring players to delve into high-level dungeons and gather rare materials.


Diablo 4 has multiple ways to improve the gear players have already collected. Masterworking an item gives all affixes the item already has a 5% increase. You can upgrade an item up to 12 times, with the 4th, 8th, and 12th Masterwork upgrades providing a significantly higher 25% affix increase. Although players can’t choose the affix that receives the buff, it is still an incredible asset to help players catch up to endgame content in Diablo 4.

To unlock Masterworking in Diablo 4, you must reach World Tier Four. This is the highest World Tier in the game and is only intended for players level 75 and above. You reach this high difficulty level by completing the Fallen Temple World Tier Three Capstone dungeon in the Dry Steppes. Afterward, return to the Inarius statue in Kyovashad to officially enter World Tier Four.

Once your character accesses World Tier Four, you will be given the quest Pit of the Artificer. This quest gives you access to The Pit, a new endgame dungeon in Diablo 4 that is mandatory to complete before you gain access to Masterworking. The Pit is also where you will find Obducite, Ingolith, and Neathiron, the three materials necessary to Masterwork any item. Once you have cleared this dungeon for the first time, you finally have access to the Masterworking menu.

How To Masterwork Gear In Diablo 4

With Masterworking unlocked, you only need to speak with any Blacksmith NPC in Sanctuary. You will notice that the new menu will finally be accessible, allowing you to choose a piece of gear to upgrade. So long as you have all the necessary materials, you can randomly increase one affix on your selected piece of gear. While most ranks give a fixed affix increase, each rank requires increasing reagents.

Unfortunately, you cannot control the affix that gets upgraded. If you manage to farm enough reagents to obtain all 12 Masterwork upgrades, then it is very likely that all the item’s affixes will see some level of improvement. However, if you’re trying to upgrade one specific affix, you can always reset the Masterwork back to zero.

Naturally, you won’t get your materials back, but this will give you another chance to rework your gear from scratch. Diablo 4 is all about gear and improving your build, with Masterworking providing another avenue to do just this.

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