Brawl Stars Berry Guide – Best Setup For New Epic Brawler

Posted: 2024-07-01

Posted: 2024-07-01

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Berry is Brawl Stars' newest Epic Brawler, and we created a guide to help you understand his attacks, star powers, gadgets, and more. Overall, Berry is a low HP thrower with the ability to both damage and heal. He makes his way into the game prior to Season 28, where we can also expect the release of a new Mythic brawler, Clancy. Without further ado, let's take a look at Brawl Stars' newest roster addition, Berry.


To unlock Berry in Brawl Stars, players must unlock him for 925 credits (or 169 gems) when he releases on July 4th. Furthermore, the newest Epic Brawler is available for Early Access, which costs $14.99. Additionally, the Early Access Berry Value Pack includes eight new pins, 5000 coins, 80 gems, a new spray and a Dark Horse Berry skin. Also, you must make sure Berry is your selected brawler on Starr Road to make sure your credits go towards unlocking him.

Berry joins Mandy's trio, adding another low HP brawler to the mix. In fact, Berry actually has less HP than Mandy!

Brawl Stars Berry Guide – All Attacks, Stats Per Level

Berry's Main attack, Meltdown, lets him throw melted ice cream which leaves an area of effect for six seconds. It deals damage upon impact and for every second an enemy stands on it. However, unlike Barley's main attack, which Meltdown certainly shares many similarities to, Berry's main attack can actually heal teammates. While it doesn't heal as much as it damages, it certainly provides to be useful in many situations.

Berry's Super, Sweet Swirl, lets the newest Epic Brawler dash forward, damaging enemies and healing teammates along the way. Furthermore, Berry leaves a trail of melted ice cream, which acts like his main attack. However, this attack does not cause knock back, nor can it be used to traverse past water/walls.

Berry Gadgets & Star Powers – Which Ones Are The Best?

The newest Epic Brawler released with two new gadgets:

Friendship is Great

“Berry swipes his tail, knocking back enemies and healing nearby allies for 1000 health.”

Healthy Additives

“Berry's next main attack area lasts for 100% longer.”

Berry's Star Powers:

Floor is Fine

“Berry gains 50% increased reload speed when standing on his own melted ice cream.”

Making a Mess

“Berry's basic attack gains 20% extra damage on impact when painting an unpainted area.”

Berry also comes with the following gadgets at launch:






Gadget Charge

Brawl Stars Berry Guide – Recommended Star Power, Gadget, & Gear Setup

Both of Berry's gadgets seem fine, though we think Friendship is Great might be more useful in desperate situations. In case a close-range brawler should suddenly appear next to you, a knockback might be the only thing that saves you. Just make sure to act quickly, as Berry has incredibly low HP. Healthy Additives is fine, but Berry's main attack already lasts a respectable six seconds. That said, it might prove useful in modes like Hot Zone.

As for Star Powers, we prefer Making a Mess over Floor is Fine. You don't want to waste your own attacks and fire melted ice cream on yourself just for reload speed only. It's different if you constantly plan on healing yourself, but as a low HP ranged brawler, you should mostly be behind cover. Plus, Making a Mess increases your base damage as long as you don't shoot in the same spot. And there's really no reason to shoot the same spot twice, as most enemies tend to escape these areas of effect.

For Gears, we recommend either a Health or Shield Gear to beef up Berry a bit. However, you can also never go wrong with a Damage gear, which should help you out in a pinch.

Brawl Stars – Which Modes Should You Use Berry In (And Which Modes You Shouldn't)


Since most Bounty, Wipeout, and Knockout maps tend to favor long range brawlers and throwers, Berry may work well here. However, just keep in mind that his low HP leaves him vulnerable to brawlers of all kinds. An accurate Piper could easily two-shot Berry if you're not careful.

Hot Zone

With Berry's area of effect from Meltdown, he could constantly make the Hot Zone a danger zone. Enemies can step in side if they want, but they'll have limited space to traverse within while risking damage upon entry. Therefore, Berry makes for a solid choice if you play with two a good team comp. Try using the Making a Mess Star Power and spread your attacks just far enough to maximize your damage.


Ranged brawlers like Barley and Berry can actually be a major threat to the Heist if left unchecked. The damage dealt over time from their attacks can see the enemy heist lose a lot of health in moments. And if you need an escape from approaching brawlers, you can use Sweet Swirl or your Friendship is Great gadget to escape.

Brawl Stars Berry Guide – What Modes Should I NOT Use Berry In?

Brawl Ball

Berry's low HP makes him a poor choice for Brawl Ball. He'll have difficulty pushing the ball into the goal without dying. However, his Friendship Is Great Gadget and Super make it possible for him to stop a potential goal. So while we don't recommend him here, he's not without complete use.


We can't help but feel that Duels caters to a few select brawlers with unique gimmicks. Unfortunately, Berry is not one of those brawlers.

Overall, that wraps up our Brawl Stars guide for Berry, the newest Epic Brawler. While we don't think he's game-breaking by any means, he actually works pretty well in a variety of modes. However, expect Supercell to make adjustments to his character in the near future, as they always do with new brawlers. We wish you the best of luck in unlocking and playing with Berry!

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