Brawl Stars Updates New Brawlers, Mega Boxes, and Game Modes

Posted: 2024-06-25

Posted: 2024-06-25

Source: MMOWOW

Get ready for exciting updates in Brawl Stars! Explore new Brawlers, Mega Boxes, and game modes in this thrilling video by Lex.

This update is going to be huge! Brawl Boxes are coming back, along with two new Brawlers, Mega Boxes, and three new game modes. Let’s dive into the details.


Key Takeaways:

Introducing two new Brawlers: Barry and Clancy

Mega Boxes are back! Discover what’s inside and how to obtain them

Explore three new game modes: Mirror Match, Drum Roll, and Paint Brawl

Learn about Brawler reworks and balance changes

New Brawlers: Barry and Clancy

In the July season, players will have the chance to unlock two new Brawlers: Barry and Clancy. Barry is an epic Brawler who combines the roles of a thrower, healer, and assassin. With his main attack, Barry can throw shots at teammates to heal them, while his super allows him to launch himself forward and deal damage. Clancy, on the other hand, is a Mythic damage dealer with three stages of progression. As he deals damage, he levels up and unlocks stronger abilities.

Mega Boxes and Game Modes

Mega Boxes are making a comeback in the classic brawl event. These special boxes contain Brawlers, cosmetics, and even gems. To obtain a Mega Box, players need 12 star tokens, which can be earned through various means such as winning matches and completing quests. The update also introduces three new game modes: Mirror Match, where every Brawler is the same; Drum Roll, where players transform into new Brawlers with each kill; and Paint Brawl, a mode focused on covering the map with your team’s color.

Brawler Reworks and Balance Changes

Several Brawlers are receiving reworks and balance changes in this update. Frank now fires faster as his health decreases, making him a formidable opponent. Meg’s Mech form has been adjusted to promote more aggressive gameplay, while Chester’s Bellow Mania star power has become a standard ability, replaced by a new star power that increases his first shot’s damage. Additionally, new hyperchargers have been added for Barley, Frank, Piper, M, Rico, and Gale.

These are just a few highlights from the exciting Brawl Stars update. Make sure to check out Lex – Brawl Stars’s video for more details and stay tuned for the release of these new features!

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