Elder Scrolls Online’s 10th Anniversary Kicks Off with Free Orsinium DLC

Posted: 2024-03-01

Posted: 2024-03-01

Source: MMOWOW

As the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) community gears up for the grand 10th Anniversary Celebration this April, the festivities have already begun with an announcement from the game’s developers. In an unprecedented move, they’re offering the Orsinium DLC, among other rewards, absolutely free for players in March 2024, as a token of appreciation to the #ESOFam and a teaser of the celebrations to come.


Discover Wrothgar at No Cost

Marking a decade of immersive storytelling, camaraderie, and exploration, ESO’s anniversary event aims to start with a bang by making the Orsinium DLC available for free as part of March’s Daily Login Rewards. Players need only to log in twice throughout March to claim their free access to the DLC. Orsinium invites players to the majestic and rugged terrain of Wrothgar, home to the Orcs and their abandoned capital. The DLC is not just a journey into the heart of Orcish culture but also offers a treasure trove of quests, world bosses, and dungeons, including the notorious Maelstrom Arena.

But there’s more in store than just the Orsinium DLC. March’s Daily Login Rewards are set to include an array of Orc-themed collectibles, including a pet, a mount, and more, enriching the ESO experience with unique in-game items that celebrate Orcish heritage and achievements.

Adding to the excitement, from March 4 to April 1, players can unlock special Crown Store collectibles by completing specific achievements in the Orsinium zone. Victories like completing the Orsinium main questline and conquering Wrothgar’s world bosses will not only earn players achievements such as the Kingmaker and Defender of Orsinium but also exclusive rewards ranging from the fearsome Inkfur Ursauk mount to stylish Orsinium-themed costumes. These collectibles, free for those who achieve the required milestones, showcase the rich lore and fashion of the game’s universe.

Join the Early Celebrations

This early celebration kickoff promises just a glimpse of what’s to come in April when the 10th Anniversary Celebration of ESO officially begins. With more rewards and activities on the horizon, the ESO community is buzzing with anticipation. Players and fans are encouraged to share their excitement and preparations for the decade milestone on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, and Facebook.

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