Exploring Last Epoch: The Monolith of Fate

Posted: 2024-05-22

Posted: 2024-05-22

Source: MMOWOW

In Last Epoch, The Monolith of Fate stands as a pivotal feature, offering players an engaging and diverse endgame experience. Positioned as a central hub of progression, The Monolith of Fate holds significant importance in the game's ecosystem.


Monolith of Fate

The Monolith of Fate represents a dynamic and ever-evolving challenge for players to conquer. It serves as a gateway to endless possibilities, providing a platform for players to test their skills, earn valuable rewards, and push the boundaries of their characters' power beyond the main campaign.

Unlocking The Monolith of Fate

Players can access The Monolith of Fate through several methods, including:

Completing Main Campaign: Progress through the main storyline until its conclusion, unlocking access to The Monolith of Fate as part of the endgame content.

Achieving Endgame Milestones: Reach certain milestones or objectives in the endgame, such as defeating specific bosses or completing particular quests, to unlock access to The Monolith.

Quests and Side Content: Engage in optional quests and side content that may lead to the discovery or unlocking of The Monolith of Fate.

For players seeking the simplest and most direct method, completing the main campaign and reaching the endgame content is the recommended approach.

Understanding Echoes

Echoes are manifestations of past events within The Monolith of Fate, offering players the opportunity to revisit critical moments in the game's lore and history. By interacting with Echoes, players can:

Earn Rewards: Complete Echoes to earn valuable loot, experience points, and other rewards.

Uncover Lore: Explore the lore and narrative of Last Epoch, uncovering hidden secrets and unraveling mysteries.

Advance Progression: Progress their characters' development and unlock new skills, abilities, and passive points.

In Last Epoch, corruption represents a malevolent force that permeates the world, posing a constant threat to players as they journey through the game. Here's a detailed explanation of its concept, significance, and acquisition methods, along with the consequences it entails:


Corruption in Last Epoch is a dark energy that infests the world, manifesting in various forms to challenge players. Its primary significance lies in its role as a gameplay mechanic that adds complexity and difficulty to encounters. As players progress through The Monolith of Fate and other endgame content, corruption levels rise, resulting in tougher enemies, altered gameplay mechanics, and increased challenges.

Acquisition Methods

Corruption is primarily acquired through engaging with endgame content, particularly The Monolith of Fate. As players complete Echoes and progress through timelines within The Monolith, corruption levels gradually increase. Additionally, certain actions or decisions within the game may also contribute to corruption accumulation.

Consequences of Corruption

Increased corruption levels bring about several consequences:

Tougher Enemies: Higher corruption levels lead to the appearance of more powerful and resilient enemies, making encounters more challenging.

Altered Gameplay Mechanics: Corruption may introduce new gameplay mechanics, such as environmental hazards or enemy modifiers, adding complexity to battles.

Risk vs. Reward: While higher corruption levels offer greater rewards, they also pose increased risks to players, requiring careful consideration and strategic planning.

Resource Drain: Dealing with corrupted enemies and environments may drain player resources, such as health and mana, more quickly, necessitating efficient resource management.

Understanding Blessings

In contrast to corruption, blessings in Last Epoch represent benevolent forces that aid players in their journey. Here's an overview of their concept, significance, and acquisition methods:


Blessings are powerful enhancements bestowed upon players as they progress through The Monolith of Fate and other endgame content. They provide significant bonuses and advantages, enhancing character abilities and increasing survivability in challenging encounters.

Blessings Acquisition Methods

Players can obtain blessings by completing specific objectives or achieving milestones within The Monolith of Fate. Defeating powerful enemies, clearing timelines, or fulfilling certain conditions may grant blessings as rewards. Additionally, engaging in other endgame activities or quests may also lead to the acquisition of blessings.

In summary, while corruption presents challenges and risks, blessings offer valuable rewards and advantages. By navigating the balance between corruption and blessings, players can optimize their gameplay experience and overcome the trials of Last Epoch's endgame content.

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