How Transforming Into a Ghoul Will Work In Fallout 76

Posted: 2024-06-12

Posted: 2024-06-12

Source: MMOWOW

Bethesda has explained how transforming into a Ghoul will work in Fallout 76, highlighting that this change will be more than just cosmetic; it will significantly impact gameplay and character builds. Following Bethesda's recent confirmation that Fallout 76 players will soon be able to transform into Ghouls, players can now get a glimpse of what to expect from this new feature.


Released in 2018, Fallout 76 is an action role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios. Set in 2102, 25 years after a nuclear war, it serves as a prequel to previous Fallout games. Players, known as Vault Dwellers from Vault 76, emerge to explore the desolate landscape of West Virginia, engaging in cooperative gameplay with both PvE and PvP elements. The game emphasizes building and maintaining settlements, scavenging for resources, and combating various enemies, from mutated creatures to hostile players.

Speaking to PCGamesN, Bethesda revealed that once players reach level 50, they will unlock a quest that sets them on the path to becoming a Ghoul. Completing this quest will grant access to Ghoul-specific perks and abilities, allowing players to harness radiation for additional powers and buffs. This change will also affect interactions with various factions, as some will react differently to Ghouls compared to human characters. Bethesda emphasized that this feature has been a long-standing request from the community, who have expressed a desire to play as different Fallout characters or factions within the game.

Fallout 76's Playable Ghouls is Thanks to the Fallout TV Series

Bethesda's decision to introduce playable Ghouls was influenced by the popularity of the Ghoul character from the Fallout TV series, portrayed by Walton Goggins. The actor’s compelling performance resonated with fans and reinforced Bethesda’s original plans to make Ghouls a playable option. The transformation into a Ghoul and the ability to switch back to a human character ensure a dynamic experience, allowing players to fully explore every aspect of West Virginia as both a Ghoul and a standard human.

Revealed during the 2024 Xbox Games Showcase, playable Ghouls are set to arrive in Fallout 76 in 2025. In addition to this exciting announcement, Bethesda also detailed the upcoming Skyline Valley expansion, set for release on June 12. This expansion will introduce new areas, events, weapons, and the mysterious Vault 63, hinting at a Ghoul-centric storyline.

The portrayal of Ghouls in Fallout 76 continues the series' exploration of the long-term effects of radiation on human beings, a theme that has been central to the franchise since its inception. With the introduction of playable Ghouls and the upcoming Skyline Valley expansion, Fallout 76 continues to evolve, offering players new ways to experience its post-apocalyptic world.

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