How to Efficiently Acquire the Precision Drill in Skull and Bones

Posted: 2024-06-03

Posted: 2024-06-03

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Skull and Bones is an upcoming pirate-themed action-adventure game developed by Ubisoft. Set in the Indian Ocean during the Golden Age of Piracy, the game immerses players in a rich and turbulent world where they can captain their own ship, engage in naval combat, and navigate the treacherous waters filled with rival pirates, merchants, and powerful naval forces.


Game Background

In Skull and Bones, players take on the role of a pirate captain who has escaped the clutches of the colonial powers and now seeks to build their own empire on the high seas. The game is set during the late 17th century, a time when piracy was rampant, and many sought fortune and freedom by any means necessary. Players can engage in solo or multiplayer gameplay, forming alliances or rivalries with other captains as they vie for control over lucrative trade routes and hidden treasures.

Precision Drill Concept and Importance in the Game

Precision Drill: In Skull and Bones, the precision drill is a specialized tool essential for upgrading and maintaining your ship. It is used for precise crafting and repair work, ensuring that your vessel remains in top condition to face the numerous challenges at sea.

Importance: The precision drill is crucial for:

Upgrading Ship Components: Enhancing the performance of cannons, sails, and hull.

Crafting Advanced Equipment: Necessary for creating high-quality weapons and tools.

Ship Maintenance: Essential for repairing damage sustained during battles and harsh sea conditions.

Methods to Acquire the Precision Drill

Various Methods

Loot from Shipwrecks: Search shipwrecks scattered across the map. These locations often contain valuable items, including the precision drill.

Completing Quests: Certain quests and missions reward players with rare tools and equipment.

Trade with Merchants: Some merchants and black market dealers offer rare tools in exchange for gold or other valuable resources.

Recommended Simple Method

Treasure Hunts: Participating in treasure hunts is one of the most efficient ways to obtain the precision drill. Clues leading to buried treasure often include advanced tools and resources.

Unlock Points and Routes

Southern Archipelago:

Location: Near the island of Santorin.

Route: Navigate south from the main port of New Haven. Look for a cluster of small islands.

Signal: A broken mast sticking out of the water and a flock of seagulls circling above.

Western Reefs:

Location: West of Skull Island.

Route: Sail west from the bay of Maroon Lagoon, keeping the setting sun to your right.

Signal: Look for a sunken pirate ship partially visible above the waterline.

Clues and Important Information

Map Clues: Maps found in treasure chests often contain clues indicating the presence of the precision drill.

NPC Dialogues: Talking to experienced sailors and NPCs in taverns may provide hints on where to find the precision drill.

Visual Markers: Glinting or sparkling spots in the water are often indicators of underwater treasures, including precision drills.

Post-Acquisition Handling and Tips

Inventory Management: Store the precision drill in your ship's secure hold to prevent loss.

Upgrade Priority: Use the precision drill immediately to upgrade critical ship components, especially if you are preparing for a significant battle or voyage.

Regular Maintenance: Keep track of your ship’s condition and use the precision drill regularly to avoid major breakdowns during crucial moments.

Usage and Practical Applications

Detailed Usage Methods

Upgrading Cannons: Use the precision drill to enhance cannon precision and firing rate.

Reinforcing the Hull: Drill and install advanced materials to increase the ship’s durability.

Sail Enhancements: Improve sail quality for better speed and maneuverability.

Practical Scenarios:

During Battles: Improved cannons and hull integrity provide a significant advantage in naval combat.

Exploring Dangerous Areas: A well-maintained ship can withstand harsh weather and unexpected encounters with rival pirates.

Trading Expeditions: Enhanced speed and cargo capacity ensure safer and more profitable trading runs.

Precision Drill’s Functional Features

Precision Engineering: Allows for exact repairs and upgrades, significantly boosting ship performance.

Durability: Made from high-quality materials, the precision drill is built to last and withstand frequent use.

Versatility: Can be used on various ship components, making it an indispensable tool for any pirate captain.

How to Acquire the Precision Drill in Skull and Bones

Detailed Methods to Acquire the Precision Drill

Loot from Shipwrecks:

Location: Explore shipwrecks scattered across the map, particularly in the Southern Archipelago and Western Reefs.

Clues: Look for broken masts and flocks of seagulls which indicate nearby wrecks.

Tips: Equip your ship with diving equipment to retrieve underwater treasures.

Completing Quests:

High-Risk Missions: Undertake high-risk missions that often reward rare items like the precision drill.

NPC Interaction: Talk to quest-giving NPCs in major ports like New Haven for leads on missions that offer precision drills as rewards.

Trading with Merchants:

Locations: Visit black market dealers and merchants in ports.

Currency: Accumulate gold and rare trade items to purchase the precision drill from these vendors.

Treasure Hunts:

Treasure Maps: Obtain treasure maps from defeated enemies or purchase them from NPCs.

Treasure Locations: Follow the maps to dig up buried treasures that often include precision drills.

Recommended Simple Method

Treasure Hunts: This method is recommended for its efficiency. Use treasure maps to pinpoint precise locations for buried precision drills, minimizing time spent searching.

Impact on Weapon Attributes

Once you acquire the precision drill, you can significantly enhance your ship's and crew's capabilities:

Cannon Upgrades:

Increased Damage: Boosts the damage output of your cannons.

Enhanced Accuracy: Improves the precision of your shots, making them more effective in combat.

Hull Reinforcement:

Durability: Strengthens the hull, increasing resistance to enemy fire and rough sea conditions.

Speed: Some upgrades can also enhance the ship's speed, aiding in faster travel and maneuverability.

Sail Enhancements:

Speed and Maneuverability: Upgrading sails with the precision drill increases speed and allows for better navigation during battles and storms.

Practical Uses in the Game

Combat Effectiveness: The precision drill is essential for upgrading cannons and hulls, making your ship more formidable in naval battles.

Exploration and Trade: Improved sails and hull durability enable safer and faster exploration and trading missions.

Ship Maintenance: Regular use of the precision drill ensures your ship remains in top condition, preventing costly repairs and downtime.

Weapons and Equipment Obtainable with the Precision Drill

With the precision drill, players can craft and upgrade the following:


Upgraded Cannons: Require iron, wood, and the precision drill.

Materials Needed: 10 units of iron, 15 units of wood per cannon upgrade.

Hull Reinforcements:

Reinforced Plating: Requires metal plates and the precision drill.

Materials Needed: 20 units of metal plates.


Enhanced Sails: Require high-quality cloth and the precision drill.

Materials Needed: 30 units of cloth.

Material Acquisition

Iron and Wood: Gather these by salvaging shipwrecks and looting enemy ships.

Metal Plates and Cloth: Trade with merchants or find them in hidden caches and treasure chests.

Potential Misconceptions and Suggestions


Overvaluing Quantity Over Quality:

Reality: Having a few well-upgraded cannons is often better than many unenhanced ones.

Suggestion: Focus on quality upgrades to maximize combat effectiveness.

Ignoring Maintenance:

Reality: Upgraded components still require regular maintenance.

Suggestion: Regularly use the precision drill to keep your ship in optimal condition.

Underestimating Merchant Prices:

Reality: Some players may find trading for a precision drill expensive.

Suggestion: Balance between looting and trading to efficiently gather the necessary resources.


The precision drill is a critical tool in Skull and Bones, offering significant upgrades to your ship's weaponry, durability, and overall performance. By following the recommended methods to acquire it and utilizing it effectively, players can enhance their gameplay experience and dominate the high seas. Remember to focus on quality upgrades, maintain your ship regularly, and balance your resource acquisition strategies to maximize your efficiency and success in the game.

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