How to Get Carronades in Skull and Bones

Posted: 2024-06-14

Posted: 2024-06-14

Source: MMOWOW

Discover how to maximize your carronade arsenal in Skull and Bones with these community tips and tricks!


If you’ve ever wondered how to expand your carronades in Skull and Bones, you’re not alone in your quest for more firepower!


Community favors the Dardanelles over carronades

Players suggest buying from other players for more carronades

Limited availability makes carronades a prized possession

Carronades vs. Dardanelles: The Debate

Some users expressed their dissatisfaction with carronades, citing the superiority of Dardanelles in combat efficiency and damage output. One user humorously remarked, ‘They sucked in my opinion, Dardanelles all the way,’ highlighting the community’s preference for the alternative choice.

Insider Trading: Buying Carronades

For those seeking additional carronades, community members recommended engaging in player-to-player sales to acquire these coveted weapons. By tapping into the trading network, players can expand their carronade collection beyond the limitations imposed in-game.

The Rarity of Carronades

Players lamented the scarcity of carronades, noting that only two could be obtained within the game. Despite their effectiveness in battle, the limited supply adds a layer of exclusivity to these powerful weapons, further driving players to seek creative avenues for acquisition.

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