How to complete EA FC 24 Copa America Throwbacks Objectives

Posted: 2024-06-27

Posted: 2024-06-27

Source: MMOWOW

The opening match of Copa America was more than just a routine victory for Argentina. It also means tournament-themed content is starting to flood EA FC 24 Ultimate Team. One of the hottest commodities right now are the Copa America Throwbacks Objectives, and we’ll show you how to complete them.


Euro 2024 has been keeping us engaged for the last week, but why stop at one major national tournament when there can be two? Copa America may have started a week after its European counterpart, but it will run until July 14, just like Euro 2024. This means EA FC 24 Ultimate Team will arguably be richer in content during the summer than it has arguably been all season, and we’re here for it.

The Copa America Throwbacks Objectives are among the very first releases following the opening ceremony. Similarly to the Euro 2024 Throwbacks, you can earn a decent chunk of XP and Ultimate Team packs for completing tasks related to the history of the competition.

How to complete Copa America Throwbacks Objectives in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team

There are five total challenges to complete as part of the Copa America Throwbacks Objectives:

Buzzing in Bolivia – Score four goals using Copa America players in any game mode.

Colombian Wall – Score 11 goals with Colombian players in any game mode.

Back to Back – Win two matches in any game mode with at least two Copa America Path to Glory players in your starting 11.

Gifted Athlete – Assist 10 goals with Argentinian players in any game mode.

Top 3 – Win six matches in any game mode with a squad consisting only of players from Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay.

The final objective relates to your full squad, so all players, including those on the bench, need to match the criteria. You do not have to stick to a single nation to complete the top three objective and can mix players from Brazil, Argentina, and Uruguay however you like.

What are the Copa America Throwbacks rewards in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Each time you complete a Copa America Throwbacks Objective, you will earn 400 XP, for a total of 2,000 for all five. You will be rewarded a pair of untradeable 87+ Rare Gold Players packs upon completing every challenge. Considering the challenges are objectively harder than the ones in Euro Throwbacks, it’s a little disappointing that the prizes remain the exact same. If you’re too disheartened to move on with these, you can find consolation in our EA FC 24 Make Your Mark live tracker, where the real prizes are hidden.

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