How to unlock Imaginarium Theater in Genshin Impact

Posted: 2024-07-02

Posted: 2024-07-02

Source: MMOWOW

Imaginarium Theater is a brand-new endgame mode available in Genshin Impact that will make you wish your past self had invested more time into building up all those Level 1 characters in your arsenal. Unlike Spiral Abyss, for which you can precisely plan your team compositions, the fresh endgame mode is all about adapting on the fly and improvising with the tools you’re given.


Players who built deep rosters over time will be rewarded for it in this mode, giving them more powerful options to choose from as they dive deeper into their current Imaginarium Theater run.

Before challenging the new endgame, you first need to unlock it – and understand what there is to gain.

How to unlock Imaginarium Theater in Genshin Impact

Unlocking the new game mode is fairly straightforward. If you’ve reached the level requirement to access the mode, you’ll be issued a quest called “Unbegun, Unending Story” leading you back to Mondstadt.

Thanks to this mission, you’ll be able to enter the restricted section of the library at the Knights of Favonius’ headquarters. Simply teleport to Mondstadt, enter the fortress, and take the door that’s newly opened inside the library.

After some dialog with Paimon and the Traveler, you’re basically done – use the book on the long table inside the room to start Imaginarium Theater.

All Imaginarium Theater poses in Genshin Impact

Aside from the juicy Primogem rewards and an assortment of valuable in-game items, the major prize to play Imaginarium Theater for is the array of poses available from Wolfy, the talking toy in the room. These are merely cosmetic, but anyone looking to spice up their photo tours through Teyvat will be very happy to get their hands on them.

To purchase these poses, you’ll need to complete a run with at least three Acts in Imaginarium Theater and earn Toy Medals. Talk to Wolfy afterwards and he’ll show you the poses he’s currently offering. Once you’ve made your choice, you can simply exchange Toy Medals for your desired cosmetics.

Here are the current Genshin Impact characters for which poses are available in Imaginarium Theater:



Raiden Shogun

Kamisato Ayato



Poses will be available on a seasonal basis, so expect the current line-up to be swapped out for a different roster when Imaginarium Theater is next refreshed – but that’s no cause for concern: They’ll eventually return, so take your time and don’t stress yourself out.

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