Lost Ark Gets a Roadmap Update, Region Merge, and Updates on 'Major Ban Wave' in Fight Against RMT

Posted: 2024-02-22

Posted: 2024-02-22

Source: MMOWOW

Lost Ark finally has a new roadmap update, taking us through the major content beats  for the next two months, server merge plans, and a major region merge ahead. The Amazon team also updates on the latest ban wave and the continued fight against RMT.


With the start of the second anniversary behind us, Smilegate RPG  says in 2024, they are looking to add in more balance between bringing over content from the Korean version and balancing progression to minimize frustration. This month, there will be some events intended to prepare everyone for the arrival in March of the Road to Thaemine, and the arrival of Thaemine to challenge in April.

Smilegate RPG and Amazon will work to figure out the best release schedule of the Echnida (Ladon) raid and the new continent of Kurzan and updates of existing content. This aims to address that frustration.

There is no shortage of content and changes on the way though, and that’s where the big roadmap update comes in. The next round of server merges will happen on March 6th and March 13th across all regions, to better balance populations and access. Later, sometime over the summer, the biggest merge of all is coming: NA-East, NA-West, and SA will all merge into a single region. They plan to announce a lot more details before this happens, as they did when mergine European regions.

As for what else is on the roadmap, next month, we can expect the Breaker class to finally arrive, along with that Road to Thaemine event and new progression events to help support the new class. They have several plans to help players get to 1600+ item level and to get themselves set up, like Honing event missions, and more rewards. Arkesia Grand Prix is returning as well.

Meanwhile, Amazon has announced that they conducted another “major ban wave” against accounts with large amounts of RMT gold. They promise to take an escalating approach to punishing infractions, which includes suspensions to permanent bans, and they will take away RMT gold that they find.

If you have spent RMT gold and they can’t take it, that increases the escalation and how much of a punishment you'll receive. In addition, they warn those that even if you spend plenty of cash in the game’s shop, this will not prevent RMT disciplinary action. Some of the recent bans included those who invested money into the game.