Maximizing Efficiency: How to Properly Utilize Filters in Last Epoch

Posted: 2024-05-08

Posted: 2024-05-08

Source: MMOWOW

Introduction to Filters in Last Epoch:

In Last Epoch, filters play a crucial role in managing your inventory and optimizing your gear. Here's a detailed overview of the basic concepts, significance, and practical uses of filters in the game, along with tips for setting up and optimizing them:


Basic Concepts:

Filters in Last Epoch allow players to sort and organize their inventory based on specific criteria, such as item type, rarity, and affixes.

Significance and Uses:

Filters help players quickly identify valuable items, prioritize important affixes, and efficiently manage their inventory space. They are essential for looting, crafting, and trading.

Setting Up Filters:

When setting up filters, players should consider both traditional and advanced criteria. Traditional criteria include item rarity, base type, and item level, while advanced criteria involve affixes and specific item properties.

Common Mistakes:

Players may encounter several common mistakes when setting up filters, such as overlooking certain affixes or failing to prioritize important criteria. It's crucial to understand the underlying rules and principles of item filtering.

Filtering Techniques:

Players should implement both primary and secondary filtering rules to ensure they capture all desired items while excluding unwanted ones. Hiding irrelevant affixes is essential for maintaining a clean and efficient filter.

Modifying Hidden Rules and Crafting:

Players can modify hidden rules in their filters to refine their search criteria and better suit their playstyle. Crafting plays a significant role in optimizing gear by adding or modifying affixes to meet specific needs.

Optimizing Gear with Crafting:

Crafting allows players to enhance their gear by adding desired affixes or modifying existing ones. Understanding the requirements for affix combinations is essential for successful crafting.

Common Mistakes and Solutions:

Players should be aware of common mistakes in filtering, such as overlooking certain affixes or focusing solely on high-priority ones. Regularly revising and optimizing filters can help address these issues.

Prioritizing Affixes and Crafting Requirements:

Players should prioritize affixes based on their build's needs and crafting goals. Understanding the requirements for affix combinations and crafting recipes is crucial for successful gear optimization.

Leveling Considerations:

When leveling up, players should pay attention to affix meanings and focus on clearing out unnecessary runes to make space for valuable ones.

By mastering filter setup and optimization techniques, players can streamline their inventory management, optimize their gear, and enhance their overall gameplay experience in Last Epoch.

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