Original Erangel Map Is Returning to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in May

Posted: 2024-05-29

Posted: 2024-05-29

Source: MMOWOW

Developer PUBG Studios has revealed that the original Erangel map is returning to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds in May. The throwback version of the PUBG map includes vintage features like the classic in-game UI and more.

PUBG's 2024 roadmap hinted at such a possibility when it mentioned that PUBG Studios plans to "reimagine existing worlds" to create new in-game experiences. This is apparently one of the developer's focuses for the year, so it's possible that more PUBG maps could get throwback editions or makeovers like the 7th Anniversary Erangel map released in March. Fortunately for PUBG fans looking for new ways to enjoy their favorite game, there is not a long wait until the next reimagined map releases.


Erangel Classic will be available to play from May 14 to May 28 on PC and from May 23 to June 6 on console. During these periods, the map's Classic version will replace the current Erangel map in Normal Match. Erangel Classic features an assortment of throwback features like foggy and rainy weather, bench weapons on the starting island, and the original UI's minimap, worldmap, font, and graphics. The map includes some significant gameplay changes as well, such as its weapons having reduced recoil and knocking down enemies taking longer, both of which aim to recreate PUBG's early days. Other adjustments are the Tommy Gun being available in care packages and clothes and helmets spawning on the ground.

OG Erangel Returning to PUBG In May

PUBG Studios plans to release full patch notes on May 13 that fully detail all the map's changes. After the announcement, many fans called for PUBG's starting island voice chat to return as well, but PUBG Studios has not mentioned this feature. It seems that the developer may have already revealed all the major changes coming with Erangel Classic, although this is just speculation.

PUBG's last major update arrived earlier in April and added a significant new feature in destructible terrain. Currently, this mechanic is only available on Rondo, where users can use the new pickaxe or other tools to manipulate the environment, adding another layer of strategy to the battle royale.

As for PUBG's future, its 2024 roadmap also placed an emphasis on improving the game's anti-cheat system. PUBG Studios revealed it banned over 3 million cheaters during 2023, which was a 33% increase over 2022. Over the next year, the developer plans to detect even more cheaters by implementing machine-learning technology into its anti-cheat. Apparently, this technology is especially effective at detecting some of the most popular types of cheats, like aimbots and ESPs.

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