PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update Mecha Fusion Mode and Jetpacks

Posted: 2024-05-15

Posted: 2024-05-15

Source: MMOWOW

The latest PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update significantly enhanced themed gameplay with the introduction of Mecha Fusion mode, incorporating iconic Mecha robots into the battle.

Popular across anime and science-fiction, Mechas are large robotic machines, often humanoid in shape, that are typically piloted by humans and used in combat or for heavy-duty tasks.

Based on this theme, the beta update that went live recently features massive alien spaceships, new aerial and ground-based robots (mecha), jetpacks for sky-high combat, and the Magnet Gun for strategic advantage.


PUBG Mobile 3.2 Update: Everything You Need to Know

All New Mecha Fusion Mode

A new mode called Mecha Fusion has been added, bringing the iconic mecha robots into the game world.

Massive alien spaceships will descend onto the battlefield, carrying the colossal robots that players can command.

Players can commandeer two types of mechas: levitating ones that allow aerial movement, and ground-based models that can run and jump.

Jetpacks and Aerial Combat

The update introduces Jetpacks, enabling players to take flight and engage in thrilling aerial combat.

Soar through the skies with mechanical upgrades and rain down destruction on your enemies from above.

Magnet Gun and Mecha Combat

To aid in the battle against the mechas, players have access to the powerful Magnet Gun.

This specialized weapon not only attacks mechas but can also pull them closer which offers a unique tactical advantage.

Additional New Features

Self-Rescue feature allows players to revive themselves after being knocked down.

New weapons like the Flare Gun and EMO (Emergency Ordinance) add depth to the combat experience.

Numerous other enhancements and additions to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Beta Version and Improvements

As with any major update, the initial beta version may have some bugs and glitches.

The developers are committed to ironing out these issues and ensuring a smooth and polished experience.

The 3.2 update for BGMI has truly embraced a level of spectacle and excitement that few could have imagined, blurring the lines between reality and science fiction. With robots stalking the battlegrounds and jetpacks propelling players into the skies, the game has raised the bar for mobile gaming experiences.

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