Skull and Bones: Endless Bots and Ship Respawn Woes

Posted: 2024-06-28

Posted: 2024-06-28

Source: MMOWOW

Players are encountering endless respawns of new fleet ships in Skull and Bones gameplay. Will they ever find respite?


In the world of Skull and Bones, players are facing a sticky situation with respawning fleet ships. This issue seems to be on an endless loop, frustrating players who just can’t catch a break.


Players are struggling with the continuous respawn of fleet ships, leading to exasperation and confusion.

Quests like ‘rhapsody raids’ and specific storyline progression trigger these respawns, catching players off guard.

The relentless fleet ships have become a nuisance for some but a source of easy XP for others.

Admirable_Buy8499’s Plight and Community Reactions

In a desperate plea for help, Admirable_Buy8499 shared their ordeal of being endlessly pursued by two small ships with no respite. Their attempts to reset the game or change strategies have all been futile, leaving them in a frustrating cycle of respawns.

The French Hivemind Reigns

One player humorously declared, ‘THE FRENCH HIVEMIND WILL RULE THE SEAS,’ adding a touch of jest to the chaos of never-ending ship respawns.

Quests and Triggers

Community members like Lilywhitey and Stormfirebird shed light on quests like ‘rhapsody raids’ and sinking specific ships as triggers for the continuous fleet spawns. Understanding these quest mechanics has become crucial for players to navigate through the sea of respawning ships.

It’s a wild ride in the waters of Skull and Bones, with players grappling with unexpected challenges at every turn. The battle against the never-ending fleet ships continues, blurring the line between frustration and amusement. As players uncover the mysteries behind these incessant respawns, they also find moments of levity amidst the relentless waves. Will the seas calm, or will the chaos persist? Only time will tell in this nautical tale of resilience and surprises.

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