The Elder Scrolls Online Details Fix for Login Issues and Compensation for Impacted Players

Posted: 2024-04-26

Posted: 2024-04-26

Source: MMOWOW

ZeniMax Online Studios outlines how it will deal with the incident that led to several The Elder Scrolls Online accounts being locked.


Players of The Elder Scrolls Online who were temporarily locked out of their accounts due to server issues will receive compensation in the form of in-game items, developer ZeniMax Online Studios revealed as it outlined how it will deal with the incident. The Bethesda Softworks-published MMORPG recently celebrated its 10th anniversary.

On April 15, a new build of the Public Test Server for The Elder Scrolls Online went live, providing players with the opportunity to check out the content that will roll out in the game's upcoming Gold Road expansion. ZeniMax Online Studios, however, took down the beta client's server over an issue, a move that resulted in the game's live PC NA server experiencing a problem and being shut down as well. Some players were unable to access their accounts as their characters were locked because of the incident, so ZeniMax Online Studios will give those who were affected a number of in-game items to compensate them for their troubles.

In a post on The Elder Scrolls Online forums, ZeniMax Online Studios Senior Community Manager Gina Bruno said that accounts which were locked following the recent PTS and PC NA server shutdowns will receive 16,000 Seals of Endeavor, 5 Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes, and 25 Jubilee Confetti Packs, among other things. She added that the affected accounts were restored to their April 15 states during an April 25 server maintenance. Seals of Endeavor are a currency used in the game's Crown Crate cash shop, a major element in The Elder Scrolls Online's controversial monetization system.

Meanwhile, the Jubilee items are part of The Elder Scrolls Online's Anniversary Jubilee Event, which was also extended by two days to April 25 for all PC players because of the server issues. April marked the 10th anniversary of The Elder Scrolls Online, and plenty of free content, including a prologue for the Gold Road expansion, was released to coincide with the celebration.

The Elder Scrolls Online Player Compensation April 2024

16,000 Seals of Endeavor

5x Glorious Anniversary Jubilee Gift Boxes

Trueflame Replica Style Page

Staff of Worms Replica Style Page

Barbas Helmet Replica Style Page

Sunna'rah Replica Style Page

Ul'Vor Staff Replica Style Page

25x Jubilee Confetti Packs

Cumberland Anniversary Attire

Aside from the Seals of Endeavor and Jubilee items, affected players will also receive a Trueflame Replica Style Page, Staff of Worms Replica Style Page, Barbas Helmet Replica Style Page, Sunna’rah Replica Style Page, Ul’Vor Staff Replica Style Page, and the Cumberland Anniversary Attire costume. Players can use Style Pages to change the appearance of equipment in The Elder Scrolls Online, which is set to introduce even more customization options through the upcoming Gold Road chapter's new Scribing system.

Compensation will be sent to affected PC players on May 6 via The Elder Scrolls Online's in-game mail system, while console users will receive theirs upon logging into their accounts. This is around a month before the June 18 release of the Gold Road expansion, which will, aside from introducing new content, finally address a plot hole in The Elder Scrolls Online. Additionally, any The Elder Scrolls Online Plus subscribers whose accounts were locked can claim a month's worth of the service and 1,650 crowns for free through the game's website on May 6 as well.

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