What is the Best Way to Get XP and Fast Level Up in Last Epoch?

Posted: 2024-05-07

Posted: 2024-05-07

Source: MMOWOW

Are you wondering how to level up fast in Last Epoch? What is the best way to get XP in the game? With there being a ton of levels in the game, you may want to do your best to grind through them as quickly as possible to reach the end.


If you are trying to level up quickly, you may want to know what the max level is in Last Epoch. You might also want to know how many chapters are in Last Epoch. This guide will show you how to level up quickly in Last Epoch so you can hit the max level quicker.

How do you get XP in Last Epoch?

There are multiple tasks that you can perform that will get you XP in Last Epoch. The following tasks will get you experience in the game:

Completing quests – Main story quests and side quests both offer significant XP

Killing enemies – Each enemy that you kill will give you a little bit of experience

Completing echoes – Completing these challenges gets you XP as well as unique loot

Crucible – This is an endgame event that makes you face off against waves of enemies

Clearing monoliths – These dungeons give lots of XP

Arena – Fast-paced grinding for XP

As you level up in Last Epoch, you will gain passive points for your class, skills, more mana, and more health. You will also get passive points by completing quests but if you are focused mostly on leveling, you can wait to complete those quests later.

Best Skills for leveling up in Last Epoch

As you progress through the game, you will unlock skills. You can specialize in five of these skills to further increase their capabilities and enhance your build. This is the best skill you can use for each class to help make leveling go faster during combat:

Mage – Fireball

Sentinel – Shield Bash

Acolyte – Summon Skeletons

Primalist – Maelstrom

Rogue – Shuriken Toss

While these skills aren’t necessary, they will help you take down enemies more quickly to get more experience.

How to level up fast in Last Epoch

The fastest way to level up is to grind Monoliths and clear Arenas. Monoliths become available at level 15 as part of the story. Once you have these unlocked, you can run them – defeating enemies and collecting loot in the process. Of course, you will want to set yourself up for this.

To prepare for a monolith, you will want to start by increasing your movement speed. This will help you get through the dungeon faster to get more experience. You want to make yourself as fast as possible. You can do this with gear such as Silver Rings, The Falcon, Fighting Chance, and more.

You will also want to keep an eye out for Arena Nodes. These will further increase your experience. You can replay arenas by performing a trick near the end. When you are just about done with the arena, press the T key to open a portal to town. Teleport to town and then teleport back to the arena to replay it. This will give you more experience.

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