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About Identity V

Identity V is a multiplayer survival horror game released in 2018. The game is available on multiple platforms such as iOS App Store, Windows computers, and Android Google Play Store.

The game follows the story of a detective named Orpheus whose mission is to unravel the mystery behind a creepy manor. Since it is a multiplayer game, you can play with 5 players where 1 player acts as a Hunter and the rest become Survivors. In this case, the Hunter must prevent Survivors from escaping.

Additionally, the game features a total of 39 playable characters, including Survivors such as Emily, Freddy, Kreacher, Emma, and more. On the Hunter side, formidable characters like Leo, Joker, and Bane stand out as some of the strongest in the game.

What are Identity V Echoes?

Echoes are the premium currency in Identity V, acting as a crucial resource for players who wish to elevate their experience to the next level. While the game itself is rich in content and competitive excitement, possessing IDV Echoes allows you to personalize and enhance your experience. Whether it's exclusive costumes that provide a unique aesthetic flair or special characters that offer new strategic possibilities, Echoes enable players to express themselves uniquely and gain access to new gameplay experiences. So buy Identity V top-up and get your game running on an entirely new level!

How to Get Echoes in Identity V?

You can buy echoes IDV directly in-game and choose from a variety of IDV echo sets to suit your budget and needs. You can get a small amount of echoes by completing daily and seasonal quests. You can also complete designated quests to reach some targets during game events or promotions, so that you can get a certain amount of extra echoes. Meanwhile, you can also earn echoes by actively participating in Ranked Matches and trying to improve your Ranked Match level. The higher the rank, the more extra echoes you will receive. The competition in Ranked Matches is extremely fierce, so you must have great gaming skills in order to maximize the limited amount of echoes Identity V you can earn. During some rare special nodes, such as anniversary celebrations and link-ups with other brands, free packs may be offered to players, which may contain echoes.

What Can You Get After Top Up IDV Echoes?

When you top up your Identity V account, you're essentially loading your account with Echoes, the game's premium currency. Here’s what you unlock with a well-stocked Echoes IDV balance:

• New characters. Enhance your roster by purchasing new characters, each boasting unique abilities and playstyles, allowing you to select those that align with your gaming preferences;

• New skins. Acquire new skins, and while they modify how your characters look, they don't alter gameplay;

• New accessories. Spend your Echoes on new accessories. These cosmetic enhancements, including hats, glasses, or pets, add flair to your characters;

• New pets. Invest your Echoes in new pets. These pets, purely for show, accompany your characters throughout the game;

• New items for the Manor. Use your Identity V Echoes to buy new Manor items. These aesthetic items help you personalize your Manor, the central hub in Identity V;

• Essence. Essence, a unique currency, is available for purchase with Echoes and used to acquire items from the Essence Treasure gacha;

• Memory Spheres. Unlock character backstories and memories with Memory Spheres.

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