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What is Myth of Empires Copper ?

Myth Of Empires is an online multiplayer role-playing survival game developed by Angela Game. Reborn in the war-torn old Eastern continent, you will do everything you can to rise from zero to hero in this open sandbox world.

Survive in harsh environments, build homes, rally armies, and defeat the enemy on the battlefield. You can win accolades in a variety of ways. In addition, you can team up with your friends and rampage through a vast number of battlefields to build your own glorious empire. Now, Myth of Empires Early Access has officially launched now on Steam. This is the moment to brave the elements, find your own guild, conquer your enemies, and build your own empire.

What is Myth of Empires Copper Coins Used for?

Copper coins serve as the main currency for the sandbox MMO. This currency is used for a myriad of things other than just spending them on character and guild skills. Here are some of the things where gamers can spend their copper coins:

Pay Imperial Donations to Prevent Building Decay

Pay Taxes for Protection

Receive Blessings or Buffs

Upgrading Guild Skills

Leveling Character Skills beyond 450

Building and Upgrading Guild Buildings

How To Get MoE Copper Coins?

1.Defeating Bandits: Focus on low-level bandits, particularly in areas such as river banks and small towns, as they often drop a considerable amount of Copper Coins.

2.Selling Goods: Exchange resources and crafted items with merchants for Copper Coins.

3.Completing Quests: Certain quests and missions provide Copper Coins as rewards upon completion.

4.Farming in PvP Servers: The amount of Copper Coins earned doubles on PvP servers compared to PvE servers.

5.Using Quick Weapons: Equip fast-swinging weapons like swords to swiftly and efficiently defeat enemies, especially beneficial when farming low-level bandits. can also use a third-party website to buy Myth of Empires Copper Coins directly, like MMOWOW, which is efficient and convenient.

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