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About Neverwinter

Neverwinter is an MMORPG that has been expected by fans for a long time, based on one of the most popular RPGs of all time: Neverwinter Nights. Named after the city state Neverwinter where a large part of the events takes place, well-

known to Dungeons & Dragons fans from the Forgotten Realms campaign, the developing Cryptic Studios created an outstanding Free2play MMORPG.

The main exception of Neverwinter in comparison to other MMOs is the built-in editor that enables players to create their own dungeons, quests and much more, and to share them with other players. This way, Neverwinter prevents the

MMORPG-typical lack of new contents in the initial period of the game's existence after it was released. Furthermore, Neverwinter also boasts an exciting story of its own, with many dungeons, different classes and countless skills.

Neverwinter Diamond is the main currency in the game which can be obtained by slaying monsters, accepting quests and participating in PvP. For players who wish to cut back on grinding for Diamond, there are websites like MMOWOW available

which are safe and contain a ready supply of Diamond to be easily purchased.

Where to Spend Your Neverwinter Diamond

Basic Mounts

One of the best things you can purchase exclusively with Neverwinter Diamond is a mount. Don't scoff this cheapest mount. It will increase your run speed by half, cutting down your travel time on foot. And you do not need to shell

out cash for Astral Diamonds to get one. Of course, you can splurge on the cash shop currency for even faster, flashier mounts, or shop for upgrades that will make your mount a cut above the basic. But again, you will need to

shell out cash.

For the vast majority of free players, these Diamond-bought mounts provide unquestionable utility by letting you run past a majority of the enemies that would otherwise be able to engage you on foot. Basic mounts are also very, very

affordable and require little to no grinding. You can save up for these by simply doing the normal quests and never forgetting to turn in the extra items for copper and silver. Before you know it, you will have saved up for a basic


Injury Kits and Potions

High-level Neverwinter adventurers also know a little secret: Diamond can save your life in the endgame levels. You can spend Diamond on ever-useful injury kits and potions which will serve as your survival essentials for grueling epic

dungeon runs. Epic dungeons are populated by hard-hitting elite mobs that hit for tens of thousands of damage. Death and damage are a constant threat, and injury kits and potions will help every adventurer get through the whole


Some players even find themselves buying injury kits and potions at such a fast rate that they begin to develop Diamond grinding methods to sustain their runs. The shift in Diamond spending can be startling; one minute you are twiddling

your thumbs at the steadily accumulating Diamond, then the next you are budgeting it so that it does not get depleted by your hectic dungeon crawling. So start saving early for Neverwinter Diamond by diligently vendoring items and looting


Pass it On to Lowbies

You already have a mount and have a large enough stash of Neverwinter Diamond that you can do dungeons without ever having to grind again. What to do with this overflowing amount of wealth? Consider putting on your generosity hat and

passing on your Diamond to your low-level characters or other players who are just starting out.

What to you is a useless pile of currency can be a godsend for your lowbies and beginner friends. They can spend Neverwinter Diamond on leveling weapons and armor that will make their progression hassle-free, and also encourage them

to keep on going till the end. It never hurts to have another endgame alt to play when you get bored with your main, and you will quickly gain a loyal band of friends and dungeon mates for your generosity.

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