EA FC 24 Title Update 10

Posted: 2024-03-07

Posted: 2024-03-07

Source: MMOWOW

The latest EA FC 24 update, Title Update 10, is available now on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4 and PC.


EA FC 24 Title Update 10 is the first update made by EA Sports in a month since Title Update 9, which made some huge changes in-game, including a big nerf on trivela shots, one of the most overpowered shooting methods. This left players frustrated with finesse shots also being nerfed in the Holiday Update, making scoring a much tougher task over the last few weeks.

With EA FC 24 Title Update 10 being announced, players were expecting some more big changes to be made with gameplay not feeling the greatest since Title Update 9. But, the update almost feels pointless, with just eight changes being confirmed in the patch notes.

EA FC 24 Title Update 10 patch notes

Here are the full EA FC 24 Title Update 10 patch notes, which were revealed on the EA Sports FC Trello board. The update is available now on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Ultimate Team

Addressed the following issue:

In some cases, matches could have been paused at unintended moments.


Addressed the following issue:

Addressed an issue that could have resulted in Shot and Pass Canceling not occurring when requested.

General, Audio, and Visual

Made the following changes:

Updated some player models, kits, badges, and balls.

Addressed the following issues:

1. Created player head customization could have reset in some specific instances.

2. Female created players could not always have been assigned to intended teams.

3. Addressed instances of placeholder text.

4. Addressed some stability issues that could have occurred.

As you can see, the update was extremely small, with only one minor change being made to gameplay. Since Title Update 9, many have complained about slow gameplay, but this doesn't seem like an issue on EA's agenda, so you may need to start finding ways to adapt to the slow gameplay rather than holding out for a fix any time soon.

Despite many attempted updates since EA FC 24's release, the menus are still broken as well, and I find myself having to restart the game multiple times a day. It's extremely frustrating that a menu update isn't included in Title Update 10, as well as other issues with Evolutions in Ultimate Team, automatic player switching, and once again, cutbacks.

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