Next Week FFXIV Will Releases Patch 6.58

Posted: 2024-03-06

Posted: 2024-03-06

Source: MMOWOW

Endwalker's patch cycle is ending in rapid-fire fashion.

Despite the last patch releasing less than a month ago, Final Fantasy XIV will see its next patch later this month as Patch 6.58 releases on Tuesday, March 19. News of FFXIV’s next update was revealed on March 5, with posts on the game’s official social media and Lodestone site.


In a pair of posts, Square Enix revealed both the release date of the upcoming patch and the content. Namely, the Echo being granted in Pandæmonium: Anabaseios (Savage), and changes to PvP actions.

In an accompanying post, Square Enix also warned that the release of Patch 6.58 would also herald the end of Crystalline Conflict Season Ten. With the season coming to an end, ranked rewards, as well as the final results will be determined. Additionally, the post explained that “in light of current matchmaking conditions” upper and lower limits of matchmaking ranks for Crystalline Conflict have been adjusted. This likely means some shorter queues for Japanese PvP players.

The upcoming 6.58 patch continues a trend of rapid-fire content releases in the closing weeks and months of FFXIV: Endwalker’s patch cycle. Patch 6.57 released on Feb. 12, bringing some smaller updates and changes. Meanwhile, seasonal and repeating events such as the The Maiden’s Rhapsody FFXI collaboration, Valentione’s Day, and A Nocturne for Heroes FFXV collaboration have continued almost constantly during February and the start of March. And beyond that, the new-look Moogle Tomestone event, Moogle Treasure Trove: The First Hunt for Genesis, has encouraged players to log in weekly for more rewards.

Beyond this, there’s even more content players are still waiting for, like the Final Fantasy XVI collaboration event which was teased at the FFXIV Japanese Fan Fest. That event was preliminarily scheduled for early April and will see the Warrior of Light battle the fearsome Eikons from FFXVI. Overall, it’s busy end to the expansion for Endwalker, as Square Enix attempts to hype up players for new adventures in Dawntrail.

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