Erangel Loot Secrets: How to Gear Up Fast in PUBG

Posted: 2024-07-08

Posted: 2024-07-08

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PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a highly immersive battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. Set on various expansive maps, PUBG pits up to 100 players against each other in a last-man-standing format. Players parachute onto an island and scavenge for weapons, armor, and other essential items while eliminating opponents. The game’s dynamic environments and realistic combat mechanics create a thrilling survival experience.


Significance of Loot

In PUBG, loot refers to the various items scattered throughout the map that players can collect to enhance their chances of survival and combat effectiveness. Loot includes weapons, ammunition, armor, healing items, and other tactical gear. The quality and quantity of loot a player acquires directly impact their ability to fight and survive, making efficient looting a critical aspect of the game.

Best Loot Locations on Erangel

Erangel, the original map of PUBG, is known for its varied terrain and numerous looting spots. Here are some of the best locations to find high-quality loot:

1.Military Base (Sosnovka Island)

Description: The Military Base is a hotspot for military-grade loot, including assault rifles, sniper rifles, high-level armor, and medical supplies.

Route: Land directly from the plane or use vehicles to cross the bridge from the mainland. Beware of bridge campers who might ambush you.


Description: This harbor town has numerous warehouses and residential buildings filled with valuable loot.

Route: Approach from the east or southeast, either by landing directly or using a boat to avoid bridge campers.


Description: Divided into North Georgopol and South Georgopol, this area contains containers and buildings with rich loot.

Route: Land on the containers for high-risk, high-reward loot or approach the buildings for a more cautious looting strategy.


Description: Centrally located, Pochinki has numerous houses offering a variety of loot, making it a popular drop spot.

Route: Land directly in Pochinki from the plane or approach from the surrounding fields.

5.Mylta Power

Description: This power plant is known for excellent loot, particularly in the main building and surrounding warehouses.

Route: Land directly or drive from nearby areas like Mylta or Lipovka.

Unlockable Loot Points and Specific Routes

To maximize your looting efficiency on Erangel, be aware of the following unlockable loot points and specific routes:


Description: Located in the center of the map, the School has multiple floors with high loot density.

Route: Land on the roof or enter through the main entrance. Clear each floor systematically to avoid missing any loot.


Description: Just north of the School, Rozhok offers a variety of houses with good loot.

Route: Start at the School and move north to Rozhok, checking each house thoroughly.


Description: Situated in the west, the Hospital is another key location with abundant loot.

Route: Land directly or approach from Georgopol, ensuring to clear each room in the hospital.

Signals and Landmarks for Loot Locations

Tall Buildings and Warehouses: These structures often contain higher-tier loot due to their capacity.

Military Installations: Areas with military structures typically house better weapons and armor.

High-Density Residential Areas: Places like Pochinki and Rozhok are filled with houses that can be looted quickly.

Containers and Shipping Yards: Locations like Georgopol's container yard often have valuable items.

Considerations and Common Misconceptions

Hot Drops vs. Safe Drops: While hot drop areas like the Military Base offer great loot, they are highly contested and dangerous. Balance risk and reward carefully.

Ignoring Lesser-Known Spots: Smaller, less-known areas can sometimes yield good loot with less competition.

Map Awareness: Always be aware of the shrinking play zone and plan your loot routes accordingly to avoid getting caught outside the safe area.

High-Quality Military-Grade Loot Locations

1.Military Base (Sosnovka Island)

Route: Direct drop or bridge crossing. Look for the three large barracks and the radar tower.

2.Mylta Power

Route: Direct drop or approach from Mylta. Focus on the main building and the large warehouses.


Description: Located southeast of the map, this area offers a concentration of high-quality loot in the central building.

Route: Land directly or approach from the coast.

Importance of Route Confirmation

Planning: Always plan your route before the match starts. Know where you want to land and where you will go if the initial area is contested.

Backup Plans: Have alternative locations in mind if your primary spot is too crowded or already looted.

Adaptability: Be ready to adapt your route based on the flight path of the plane and the movement of other players.

Concept and Role of Teamwork in Loot Acquisition

In PUBG, teamwork is paramount, especially when acquiring loot. Coordinated efforts can lead to efficient looting, better resource management, and increased survival chances. Here’s how teamwork plays a critical role:

Division of Labor: Split the looting responsibilities among team members to cover more ground quickly. For instance, one player can focus on buildings while another checks containers or open areas.

Resource Sharing: Share loot with teammates to ensure everyone has essential items like weapons, armor, and healing supplies. This balance ensures the team is well-prepared for encounters.

Communication: Constantly communicate about the loot found, potential threats, and movements. Clear and concise communication helps avoid confusion and ensures the team stays cohesive.

Covering Each Other: While one teammate loots, others can provide cover. This strategy minimizes the risk of ambushes and maximizes safety during the looting phase.

Equipment Details and Usage After Reaching Loot Locations

Upon reaching designated loot locations, you can expect to find various types of equipment:

Weapons: Prioritize assault rifles (ARs) and sniper rifles (SRs) for their versatility and long-range capabilities. Shotguns (SGs) are effective for close-quarters combat.

Armor and Helmets: Always aim for the highest level available (Level 3 being the best). These significantly increase survivability.

Medical Supplies: Collect first aid kits, bandages, and painkillers to heal and boost health during and after fights.

Attachments: Scope out for scopes (2x, 4x, 6x, 8x), extended magazines, and grips to improve weapon performance.

Maximizing Equipment in Combat:

Weapon Switching: Switch between weapons based on combat situations. Use ARs for mid-range, SRs for long-range, and SGs for close combat.

Healing Strategy: Use bandages and first aid kits in safe zones. Use painkillers and energy drinks to maintain health and boost speed.

Attachments: Attach scopes for better accuracy, grips for stability, and extended magazines for more ammo capacity. Adjust attachments based on the weapon and combat scenario.

Recommended Weapons to Retain and Acquire

In PUBG, some weapons stand out due to their performance and versatility:

M416 (AR): Reliable, with good damage, rate of fire, and compatibility with various attachments.

AKM (AR): High damage, suitable for both mid-range and close combat.

Kar98k (SR): Powerful long-range sniper rifle, effective for one-shot kills.

AWM (SR): The most powerful sniper rifle, capable of eliminating enemies with one shot.

UZI (SMG): Excellent for close-quarters combat with a high rate of fire.

DP-28 (LMG): Great for sustained fire with a large magazine capacity.

Main Combat Strategies in PUBG

Early Game:

Secure Basic Gear: Land in less contested areas to secure basic gear without immediate threats.

Quick Looting: Loot efficiently and move quickly to avoid early skirmishes.

Mid Game:

Positioning: Stay within the safe zone and use natural cover like trees, rocks, and buildings.

Team Formation: Maintain a tight formation to support each other during engagements.

Late Game:

Final Circle Tactics: Stay low, use cover, and move strategically. Avoid unnecessary engagements and focus on surviving.

Zone Control: Control the high ground or advantageous positions in the final circles.

General Tips:

Map Awareness: Always be aware of the shrinking play zone and plan your movements accordingly.

Scouting: Use scopes to scout ahead for enemies and plan your route.

Sound Cues: Pay attention to footsteps, gunfire, and vehicle sounds to locate enemies.

Cover and Concealment: Use natural cover and stay prone when necessary to minimize visibility.

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