Euro 2024 on EA FC 24: How to play European Championship mode with update

Posted: 2024-06-19

Posted: 2024-06-19

Source: MMOWOW

The UEFA EUROs has arrived in EA FC 24! GOAL brings everything you need to know about this exciting new game mode.

The popular video game EA FC 24 (previously known as FIFA), developed by EA Sports, has launched an update patch for users to enjoy the tournament, and it features authentic stadiums and lots of different game modes.


EA may no longer have the licensing rights to include the World Cup in its games following the controversial termination of its collaboration with FIFA, but that parting of ways won't prevent it from incorporating the European Championship as customary.

The UEFA Euro 2024 game mode features all the official teams, kits, and stadiums, across lots of different game modes. As GOAL takes a deep dive into...

What is FC 24 Euro 2024?

As has happened previously in the FIFA incarnations (with the World Cups and Euros), EA has decided to update the game by including a standalone mode built around this summer's international tournament, which takes place from June 14 to July 14.

It features real teams and players, as well as kits and updated squads for all 24 teams that have qualified for the competition's finals.

The official Euro 2024 ball and trophy are also included, along with a selection of authentic German stadiums and new broadcast packages throughout the game. Ultimate Team, meanwhile, gets a raft of new card types.

How do you get the Euro 2024 mode for EA Sports FC 24?

The Euro 2024 game mode is live now and is available to download for free across Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC with every version of EA Sports FC 24.

It’s part of the Festival of Football update, where fans can play the Euro from the group stage to the grand final in most of the real-life stadiums where the games will be hosted.

What does the Euro 2024 mode add to EA Sports FC 24?

The update will allow you to take charge of one specific player or create your own custom player to captain the team of your choice via its Lead Your Nation mode. You may then choose whether you wish to control only one player or the entire team.

The Match of the Day fixture is updated with every real-life tournament matchday up to the grand finale, so you can play the real tournament's scheduled games or play the full encounter from start to end.

Online Friends cross-play is available for players on the same platform generation. It lets you compete with friends using any of the 24 qualified teams or from any other European national squad available in the game.

There is also a new series of challenges dubbed 'The European Journey,' which allows you to perform tasks and earn rewards. If you complete all of them, the final reward will be revealed after the tournament finishes.

As for Ultimate Team, Festival of Football kick-starts Season 7. The new Double Touch Lane Change skill move has been added to all modes and a new celebration (Cole Palmer's cold celebration).

The update also comes with 27 new player heads and expect exciting live items "that will bring a dynamic element to your team, reflecting the real-world performances and fervour of these tournaments," EA Sports said.

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