How to Improve Wave Management in League of Legends

Posted: 2024-06-18

Posted: 2024-06-18

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Wave management is a crucial and very beneficial subject in the realm of League of Legends. It is a requirement in each lane and mastering it can lead to more success in your League games. Many people don’t understand wave management and that causes them to lose lane sometimes and miss out on important opportunities. In this guide, you will learn all the methods of wave management and how to manipulate your waves to your advantage.

The concept of line control

Line control refers to gathering the soldiers in front of the tower and not being hit by the tower. It mainly refers to controlling the line of soldiers without being hit by the tower even though they are very close to the tower. This can interfere with the opponent's last hit, making it difficult for the opponent to last hit.


The key to controlling the line of soldiers is that the enemy has more soldiers than ours. When our soldiers have more soldiers, the enemy's line of soldiers will be broken, and the line of soldiers will be controlled. In addition, when you last hit the soldiers, try to kill them at the last moment when the soldiers are weak. After all our soldiers die, if there are more than 3 ranged soldiers left among the enemy soldiers, we can basically keep the line of soldiers under control. If you want to control the line more successfully, you can deliberately guide the enemy's artillery soldiers to move backwards after all our soldiers die, and push the line of soldiers slightly backwards, so that you can control the line of soldiers more stably. In addition, in the process of controlling the line, in order to successfully prevent the opponent from lifting this situation, you can move forward a little and chase the opponent from a distance.

Understand the soldier line

Our own soldier line

Provide vision

“Cannon fodder” when pushing towers

Fight with enemy soldiers to prevent them from advancing

Block some enemy skills for us during the fight/provide some firepower support

Enemy soldier line

Provide economy when finishing the last blow

Provide experience within a certain range when dying

Used as an enemy unit to trigger some effects or suck blood, etc.

The enemy and I of the soldier line are relative. The enemy soldiers provide us with economy and experience, and our soldiers also provide economy and experience for the enemy. An important part of the soldier line operation is how to make us get more economy/experience while making the enemy get as little economy as possible

Types of Waves

Even Wave: When both minion waves have an equal number of minions.

Slow Push: Building up a larger minion wave that moves slowly toward the enemy tower.

Fast Push: Quickly pushing a wave to crash into the enemy tower, often to pressure or force the enemy to react.

Wave Manipulation Techniques


Freezing is a technique where you maintain the minion wave near your tower without it reaching the turret. This allows you to farm safely while denying your opponent gold and experience.

How to Freeze: To freeze a wave, you need to last hit minions at the last possible moment and ensure that there are slightly more enemy minions than allied minions.

When to Freeze: Freeze the wave when you want to deny the enemy laner farm or avoid ganks. It’s particularly effective when you have a lead and want to keep the enemy underleveled and underfarmed.

Slow Pushing

Slow Pushing is when you allow a larger minion wave to build up over time, eventually creating a big wave that crashes into the enemy tower.

How to Slow Push: Kill the enemy backline minions (caster minions) and let your wave build up over time.

When to Slow Push: Slow push when you want to set up for objectives like Dragon or Baron, or when you need to recall and want to make the enemy deal with the large wave.

Fast Pushing

Fast Pushing is rapidly shoving a wave into the enemy tower to create pressure or to force the enemy to react.

How to Fast Push: Use abilities and auto-attacks to quickly clear the minion wave.

When to Fast Push: Fast push when you want to force the enemy to miss CS (creep score) under tower, or when you need to rotate to other objectives or lanes quickly.

Wave Control for Solo Laners

Top Lane

Early Game: Focus on last hitting and maintaining wave equilibrium. Avoid pushing too hard to prevent being ganked.

Mid Game: Use slow pushes to set up for Teleport plays or to assist your team with objectives.

Late Game: Coordinate with your team to manage side waves while preparing for team fights or objectives.

Mid Lane

Early Game: Focus on last hitting and keeping the wave in a neutral state to avoid jungle pressure.

Mid Game: Use wave control to create opportunities for roams and assists in other lanes.

Late Game: Clear waves quickly to maintain map control and vision around key objectives.

Wave Control for ADCs

As an ADC, your role in wave control is crucial for maintaining pressure in the bot lane and transitioning into the mid and late game.

Early Game: Focus on last hitting and managing wave equilibrium. Avoid pushing too hard unless your support is providing vision and pressure.

Mid Game: Use fast pushes to rotate and take objectives like Dragon and Turrets.

Late Game: Coordinate with your team to manage waves and prepare for team fights. Use slow pushes to create pressure in side lanes while your team sets up for Baron or Elder Dragon.

Dealing with Enemy Wave Control

Breaking a Freeze: To break an enemy freeze, you may need to call for jungle assistance or use abilities to push the wave.

Handling Slow Pushes: Clear the wave as soon as it builds up to prevent it from crashing into your tower.

Responding to Fast Pushes: Match the enemy’s push or rotate quickly to defend the tower.

Advanced Tips and Tricks

Bounce Back: After pushing a wave into the enemy tower, let the wave push back towards you by resetting the wave. This is known as a bounce back and can help you set up a freeze or avoid ganks.

Wave Control for Objectives: Always consider how wave control can impact objective control. Setting up a slow push in a side lane before going for Dragon or Baron can force the enemy to make difficult decisions.

Vision Control: Use wave control in combination with vision to create safe zones for farming and pushing. Deep wards can provide crucial information on enemy movements.

Importance of Wave Control in LoL

Wave control, the unsung hero of League of Legends. It's like the drummer in a band, often overlooked but playing a crucial role in the rhythm and flow of the game.


Mastering wave control in League of Legends is a critical skill that can elevate your gameplay and provide significant advantages. By understanding and applying the techniques of freezing, slow pushing, and fast pushing, and by adapting your strategies based on your role and game state, you can dictate the pace of the game and lead your team to victory. Always stay aware of the enemy's wave control and be ready to counter their moves to maintain your advantage.

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