Fallout 76 Releases Big New Update

Posted: 2024-04-29

Posted: 2024-04-29

Source: MMOWOW

Fallout 76 releases another big update that much adds more Atlantic City content and revamps the way seasons work, among other changes.


Fallout 76 update has rolled out to PC and console users on March 26. Called America's Playground, the patch adds a lot of new Atlantic City content and revamps the way Fallout 76 seasons work, among other changes.

Shortly following the RPG's fifth anniversary in October 2023, Bethesda unveiled the game's new content roadmap called Expeditions: Atlantic City. The first of those Fallout 76 Atlantic City updates, Boardwalk Paradise, debuted in early December. Its follow-up arrives in the form of the newly released patch, titled America's Playground.

Fallout 76 America's Playground Update Adds a Bunch of Quests

As promised, America's Playground expands the Fallout 76 version of Atlantic City with a plethora of content. Its main quest requires players to return to the post-apocalyptic New Jersey in order to help Atlantic City Mayor Timothy Lane deal with an invasion of Overgrown, also known as plantfolk among the locals. Another major new questline revolves around the Russo Family, and is promised to explore a "deadly plot" across multiple missions. New side quests and NPCs are also part of the package, as are some additional Atlantic City locations.

Fallout 76 Is Changing How Seasons Work

The new patch is also replacing Fallout 76 Scoreboards with a new Seasons menu. This essentially changes the way seasons work, as instead of unlocking rewards automatically, players are now given 25 Tickets every time they rank up, which can then be redeemed for rewards split across multiple pages, which also require unlocking. Some rank rewards are still free, and select reward pages will be unlocked automatically for Fallout 1st members, though they will still need to earn enough Tickets to actually claim them.

Bethesda characterized this revamp as an attempt to offer players "more flexibility" in how they approach seasonal rewards. The update essentially brings the game a bit closer to the Fortnite-style battle pass model, though the Scoreboard changes themselves aren't major. Players should keep in mind that the new system's Tickets don't carry over across seasons, so they need to remember to spend them while they can.

One other major change introduced in update concerns the total number of Fallout 76 CAMP slots that are available. Specifically, players can now purchase up to eight of them, three more than the previous limit. The first three extra slots are currently on sale to commemorate the occasion, with that promotion being set to run until March 31. The America's Playground update also introduces dozens of bug fixes and performance improvements, on top of rebalancing some key quest combat encounters.

Fallout 76 America's Playground Update Patch Notes

Atlantic City - America's Playground

When we last left the glitzy boardwalk of Atlantic City, we had run a deadly game show with the Showmen and even encountered The Family, the local organized crime outfit. Now, the leader of Atlantic City’s own Municipal Government, Mayor Tim, calls upon your help against an invasion of Overgrown. Can you fend off the dangerous plant-like beings encroaching upon Atlantic City in this all-new Expedition Mission?

Family Comes First - All-New Questline

Back home in Appalachia, players will embark upon a new multi-mission questline surrounding the glamorous Russo Family. Opening a new nightclub in Appalachia, the Russos hope to start a quieter – though still comfortable – life away from the rat race of Atlantic City. Sadly, that won’t be in the cards: As a deadly plot unfolds, players must uncover the skeletons (or perhaps devils) lurking in the Russo family’s closet in this new quest coming to Fallout 76.

Explore the Boardwalk

Atlantic City – America’s Playground also expands upon Fallout’s take of post-nuclear New Jersey, allowing players to further explore the City at their own leisure or even take on new Side Quests. Meet with the local merchants and shop or even play part in passing on the torch within the inner circle of The Family!

Season Changes

The Scoreboard is changing to a new and improved Seasons Menu! At the start of every new season, you'll be able to view all the exciting rewards you can earn and even the rewards offered after rank 100! Rewards are displayed across multiple pages, which can be unlocked as you reach the required rank. Every time you rank up, you will earn 25 Tickets which can be redeemed for rewards on the pages you've unlocked. Just like with the Scoreboard, all you need to do to increase your rank is earn S.C.O.R.E. by completing challenges.

Please Note: Make sure you use all your tickets before the end of the season as unused tickets expire and do not carry over.

All players will have access to the base rewards in each season, just like the Scoreboard. Fallout 1st members will automatically have access to the Fallout 1st Season Pass which provides access to the premium rewards in each season. We’re offering something new with Season 16 - non-Fallout 1st players will be able to purchase the Fallout 1st Season Pass in-game with Atoms to gain access to these rewards.

Challenges and the S.C.O.R.E. required to gain a rank in seasons have not changed as part of this update and players can expect to make progress at the same rate as in the previous seasons.

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