Fallout 76 Update 4 New Weapons With The Skyline Valley

Posted: 2024-05-20

Posted: 2024-05-20

Source: MMOWOW

With the Skyline Valley update just around the corner, Fallout 76 fans are eagerly awaiting news about what's to come. Thanks to the Public Test Server, lots of players have been able to get a taste of what this new expansion is going to be like. While there are still things that aren't yet known about this update, players have been able to see and use some of the new weapon variants that are coming to the game.


From a Railway Rifle with double the regular ammo capacity to a completely new melee weapon, there are a few things for players to go out and get their hands on. It's important to note that the entries on this list are subject to change as the update is not yet live.

Re-Rolling The New Weapons

Unfortunately, while nothing has been confirmed by the developers, players on the public test server have claimed that the new weapons can't be re-rolled for different legendary effects. Should this be the case, then there will be a few disappointed players who were looking forward to trying to get exciting rolls on the new weapons coming into the game. When it comes to being able to re-roll named legendary weapons, Bethesda hasn't been consistent. In some updates, players can do it, and then in others, they can't. But, at least for now, it doesn't look like players will be able to roll the new weapons.

The Handmade Rifle is a popular weapon thanks to its relatively high damage and fast fire rate. It's a highly customizable weapon that can be modified to be a single-shot rifle or an automatic rifle. Shattered Grounds is a named legendary variant of the Handmade Rifle. Players will be able to get this weapon by completing the quest Double-Crossed Wires. It has its own unique paint skin, and it is a fairly well-rounded weapon.

Its effects are Junkie's, Explosive, and 90% Reduced Weight. While the Junkie's effect lets this weapon down a little, it can still be a viable weapon for players to use. Should the player use this weapon in combination with the Commando perks and Demolition Expert, then this weapon can pack a serious punch.

To get this weapon, the player needs to complete the quest The Eye of The Storm. This electrical two-handed weapon is a cool-looking item with decent legendary effects. This isn't a variant of an existing weapon; it is completely new to the game. While non-automatic two-handed weapons aren't normally very popular, the V63 Zweihander has the potential to be a somewhat decent weapon.

While it probably won't be anybody's main weapon, it could be a fun one to use to complete challenges that involve killing enemies with melee weapons. Its effects can be seen below:


Power Attack Damage


The effects aren't anything too special. The main draw for this weapon is its energy damage. It does a decent amount of energy damage, and with the right perks, its damage output can be increased dramatically. Unfortunately, like most two-handed weapons in the game, players will find themselves needing to repair the V63 Zweihander fairly regularly.

Players will be able to get their hands on this melee weapon by completing the Housekeeping For Hire quest. The weapon is a legendary shock baton. It looks a little like a re-skinned cattle prod but with a futuristic spin. The V63 Shock Baton is a one-handed melee weapon. Its legendary effects are Anti Armor, 50% Limb Damage, and Weapon Breaks 50% Slower.

While it's not going to change the value of current one-handed melee weapons, it is going to be a fun weapon to use for melee fans. It has a medium swing speed and it deals both energy and melee damage. Like with most weapons in Fallout 76, this weapon can do a fair amount of damage with the right build.

Ticket To Revenge is the weapon that has got players talking. This Railway Rifle variant has double the ammo capacity of the standard Railway Rifle. The Railway Rifle is a very powerful weapon, but its limited ammo capacity is what lets it down. Without the Quad effect, Railway Rifles are pretty difficult to use successfully. But that will change with the introduction of the Ticket To Revenge.

Instead of being able to hold the standard 10 Spikes, the Ticket To Revenge holds 20 Spikes. This means that players won't have to reload as often as they would with a standard Railway Rifle. As for its legendary effects, Ticket To Revenge has the following:


VATS Enhanced


As a whole, this is a fairly good combination of effects. The Bloodied effect will allow players to do more damage with low health. VATS Enhanced will make each shot count, and the Lucky effect will help to keep the player's AP in good shape. This is also a great weapon for those who want to try out a Bloodied build without having to fork out for a good Bloodied weapon.

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