Crush Queen Bellandir: A Complete Guide to Defeating the Throne and Liberty Boss

Posted: 2024-05-16

Posted: 2024-05-16

Source: MMOWOW

In the world of Throne and Liberty, the kingdom of Chirel is embroiled in a bitter civil war. Factions vie for control of the throne, each led by powerful heroes seeking to claim ultimate power. Among these heroes is Queen Bellandir, a cunning and ruthless ruler who stops at nothing to achieve her goals.


Queen Bellandir Boss: Role and Attributes

Queen Bellandir is a formidable opponent, known for her mastery of dark magic and strategic brilliance. As a boss in Throne and Liberty, she is a spellcaster with high intelligence and agility, making her a formidable foe in both ranged and melee combat.

Unlocking Queen Bellandir Boss: Unlock Points and Route

To unlock Queen Bellandir's lair, players must first conquer key territories controlled by her faction. These territories act as unlock points and must be captured through strategic warfare. Once these points are secured, the route to Queen Bellandir's location will become accessible.

Signals and Landmarks to Reach Queen Bellandir Boss

As players approach Queen Bellandir's stronghold, they will encounter signs of her dark influence. Look out for corrupted landscapes, sinister runes, and twisted vegetation marking the path to her lair. The presence of her elite guards and powerful magic wards are clear indicators that the battle with Queen Bellandir is imminent.

Entering Combat and Recommended Characters

Entering combat with Queen Bellandir requires careful planning and preparation. Characters with high magical resistance and burst damage are recommended for this encounter. The Paladin, with his ability to heal and cleanse debuffs, or the Rogue, with high evasion and critical strike chance, are excellent choices for taking down Queen Bellandir.

Defeating Queen Bellandir Boss:

Queen Bellandir employs a variety of devastating spells and abilities during the battle. Her skillset includes powerful AoE spells, curses, and summoning minions to aid her. Players must be vigilant and dodge telegraphed attacks to avoid taking fatal damage.

In each phase of the fight, Queen Bellandir may signal her deadliest attacks with charged energy, glowing runes, or verbal incantations. Pay close attention to these signals and be ready to evade or interrupt her spells to minimize damage taken.

Recommended Character and Strategies:

Character Recommendation: The Paladin is an excellent choice for battling Queen Bellandir due to his high magical resistance and ability to heal and cleanse debuffs. Additionally, his Divine Shield skill can provide temporary invulnerability, allowing him to mitigate Queen Bellandir's powerful attacks.

Skill Usage: Utilize the Paladin's healing abilities, such as Holy Light and Lay on Hands, to sustain yourself during prolonged battles. Use Divine Shield strategically to negate Queen Bellandir's deadliest attacks and create openings for counterattacks.

Damage Output: Focus on dealing sustained damage to Queen Bellandir while maintaining survivability. Utilize the Paladin's offensive skills, such as Hammer of Justice and Holy Strike, to chip away at her health while staying vigilant against her counterattacks.

Key Elements of Damage Output: Prioritize upgrading the Paladin's offensive skills and investing in equipment that boosts his damage output. Aim to maximize critical strike chance and damage modifiers to inflict significant damage on Queen Bellandir.

Adaptation to Different Phases: Queen Bellandir may transition between phases, altering her attack patterns and abilities. Stay adaptable and adjust your strategy accordingly. Anticipate her changes and be prepared to react swiftly to mitigate damage and capitalize on openings.

Rewards and Utilization:

Upon defeating Queen Bellandir, players can expect the following rewards:

Rare Equipment: Queen Bellandir may drop powerful weapons, armor, and accessories with unique attributes and bonuses, enhancing your character's combat capabilities.

Common Misconceptions and Tips:

Underestimating Mechanics: Queen Bellandir may have multiple phases with unique mechanics. Study her patterns and adapt your strategy accordingly to avoid falling victim to her powerful attacks.

Neglecting Healing and Cleansing: Queen Bellandir may inflict debuffs or DoT effects on your character. Prioritize healing and cleansing abilities to mitigate damage over time and maintain your survivability.

Overextending on Offense: While dealing damage is important, avoid overextending on offense and neglecting defense. Balance offense with defense, utilizing defensive abilities to mitigate damage and survive prolonged battles.


Players may acquire Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent, a special currency used for various purposes within the game.

Resources: Defeating Queen Bellandir can yield valuable resources such as gold, gems, and crafting materials, which can be used to upgrade equipment and strengthen your faction's infrastructure. Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent is a unique currency in Throne and Liberty that represents the essence of power and influence. It can be used in various ways during battles, including:

Summoning Reinforcements: Spend Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent to summon additional troops or heroes to aid you in battle against Queen Bellandir.

Activating Special Abilities: Use Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent to activate special abilities or buffs that can provide temporary advantages or turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Enhancing Equipment: Invest Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent in enhancing your character's equipment, increasing their stats or granting additional bonuses to improve their performance in combat.

Utilize Throne-and-Liberty-Lucent strategically during the battle against Queen Bellandir to gain a tactical advantage and secure victory for your faction.

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