How To Beat Avarice the Gold Cursed In Diablo 4

Posted: 2024-05-31

Posted: 2024-05-31

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Diablo 4 is set in the dark and gothic world of Sanctuary, where the eternal conflict between the High Heavens and the Burning Hells rages on. Following the events of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, Lilith, the daughter of Mephisto, has been summoned and seeks to dominate the world. Players must traverse this perilous landscape, battling demonic forces and uncovering the mysteries of Sanctuary to thwart her plans.


Avarice the Gold Cursed - Boss Overview and Attributes

Role and Attributes:

Avarice the Gold Cursed is one of the many powerful bosses in Diablo 4, embodying greed and avarice. He is characterized by his massive, gold-encrusted appearance and his ability to manipulate wealth and treasures in battle.

Elemental Affinity: Physical and fire damage

Strengths: High physical resistance, powerful AoE attacks

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to cold and lightning attacks

Unlocking Avarice the Gold Cursed Location and Route

Unlock Point on the Map:

Avarice can be found in the Vault of Greed, a dungeon located in the region of Kehjistan.

Route to Unlock Avarice:

Starting Point: Begin at the central hub in Kehjistan, such as the main town or waypoint.

Route: Follow the main questline or explore the map until you uncover the Vault of Greed.

Access: Enter the Vault of Greed by completing a specific quest or event related to treasure hunting.

Signals and Landmarks for Reaching Avarice

Signals and Landmarks:

Visual Cues: Look for piles of gold and treasure chests leading up to the dungeon entrance.

NPC Dialogue: Characters in Kehjistan might hint at a "cursed vault filled with endless riches."

Map Markers: The Vault of Greed will be marked on the map after discovering it or receiving a related quest.

Entering Battle Mode and Recommended Characters

Entering Battle Mode:

Initiation: The battle begins once you interact with the central treasure hoard within the Vault of Greed.

Visual Signal: A cutscene or dramatic shift in the environment, such as gold erupting from the ground, signals the start of the fight.

Recommended Characters:

Sorcerer: Effective for ranged magic attacks, especially cold and lightning spells.

Barbarian: Useful for soaking up damage and dealing powerful melee strikes.

Necromancer: Can summon minions to distract Avarice and deal damage over time.

Skills and Strategies to Defeat Avarice the Gold Cursed

Skills to Use:

Cold Spells (Sorcerer): Utilize spells like Frost Nova and Blizzard to exploit Avarice’s weakness to cold.

Lightning Spells (Sorcerer): Use Chain Lightning to deal consistent damage.

Taunt and Damage Reduction (Barbarian): Skills like War Cry and Ignore Pain can help mitigate damage.

Minion Summons (Necromancer): Summon skeletons and golems to divert Avarice’s attacks and provide additional damage.

Phase Breakdown:

Phase One:

Attacks: Avarice uses sweeping melee attacks and summons gold spikes from the ground.

Tactics: Keep moving to avoid the gold spikes and use ranged attacks to stay out of his melee range. Use cold spells to slow him down.

Phase Two:

Attacks: He begins to summon treasure minions that explode on contact and creates fire AoEs.

Tactics: Focus on clearing minions quickly and avoid the fire AoEs. Utilize Barbarian’s crowd control skills to manage minions.

Phase Three:

Attacks: Avarice combines previous attacks with a powerful ground slam that sends gold waves.

Tactics: Dodge the gold waves and keep applying pressure with spells and summons. Use healing potions and defensive skills as needed.

Key Signals and Avoiding Fatal Damage

Deadly Attack Signals:

Ground Slam: Avarice lifts his hammer before slamming the ground, creating gold waves. Dodge to the sides to avoid.

Summon Minions: He raises his hands, summoning explosive treasure minions. Quickly eliminate these minions to prevent damage.

Fire AoEs: Avarice’s eyes glow red before creating fire areas. Stay clear of these zones.

Avoiding Fatal Skills:

Dodging: Keep an eye on Avarice’s attack animations and move accordingly to dodge gold waves and spikes.

Positioning: Maintain distance during AoE attacks and use the environment to your advantage.

Crowd Control: Use abilities to control and eliminate summoned minions swiftly.

Rewards for Defeating Avarice the Gold Cursed


Experience Points: Substantial XP to level up your character.

Gold and Treasures: Large amounts of gold and rare items.

Unique Equipment: Potential drops include unique weapons, armor, and accessories specific to Avarice.

Uses in Game:

Experience Points: Level up and unlock new skills and abilities.

Gold: Purchase better gear, potions, and other necessities.

Unique Equipment: Enhance your character’s abilities and performance in future battles.

Common Pitfalls and Suggestions

Ignoring Elemental Weaknesses: Avarice’s high physical resistance makes melee attacks less effective.

Suggestion: Focus on cold and lightning spells to maximize damage.

Neglecting Minions: Failing to deal with summoned treasure minions can lead to overwhelming damage.

Suggestion: Prioritize eliminating minions quickly to maintain control of the battlefield.

Staying Too Close: Avarice’s melee attacks and AoEs can quickly deplete health.

Suggestion: Maintain distance and use hit-and-run tactics with ranged characters.

Forgetting Defensive Skills: Ignoring defensive abilities can result in high damage intake.

Suggestion: Use skills like War Cry and Ignore Pain (Barbarian) or healing spells to sustain your team.

Detailed Strategy for Defeating Avarice the Gold Cursed in Diablo 4

Recommended Characters and Their Roles:


Role: Primary damage dealer, focusing on elemental magic.

Key Skills:

Frost Nova: Freezes enemies in place, making it easier to land attacks.

Blizzard: Deals continuous cold damage over an area.

Chain Lightning: Effective for consistent damage output.

Tactics: Use Frost Nova to immobilize Avarice and his minions, follow up with Blizzard for sustained damage, and utilize Chain Lightning to hit Avarice and surrounding enemies. Maintain a safe distance to avoid melee attacks.


Role: Tank and melee damage dealer.

Key Skills:

War Cry: Boosts the defense of the Barbarian and nearby allies.

Whirlwind: Deals continuous damage while moving.

Ignore Pain: Reduces damage taken for a short period.

Tactics: Use War Cry at the start to boost defenses, engage with Whirlwind to deal damage and control the battlefield, and activate Ignore Pain during critical moments to survive heavy attacks.


Role: Support and secondary damage dealer with minions.

Key Skills:

Summon Skeletons: Provides additional damage and distractions.

Corpse Explosion: Deals damage to enemies around corpses.

Bone Armor: Provides a temporary shield.

Tactics: Keep summoning skeletons to maintain pressure on Avarice, use Corpse Explosion when minions or Avarice’s minions die to deal burst damage, and activate Bone Armor to absorb incoming damage.

Skills and Damage Structure

Damage Output Key Factors:

Elemental Weaknesses: Avarice is particularly vulnerable to cold and lightning damage. Use Sorcerer’s Frost Nova and Blizzard to exploit this weakness.

Crowd Control: Utilize Necromancer’s minions to distract Avarice and handle his summoned minions.

Sustained Damage: Use Barbarian’s Whirlwind to continuously deal damage while avoiding staying in one place.

Avarice the Gold Cursed Attack Patterns and Phase Changes

Phase One:

Attacks: Avarice uses sweeping melee attacks and gold spikes from the ground.

Tactics: Maintain distance with Sorcerer and Necromancer. Use Frost Nova to freeze Avarice and follow up with Blizzard.

Phase Two:

Attacks: Avarice becomes more aggressive, summoning explosive treasure minions and creating fire AoEs.

Tactics: Clear minions quickly using AoE spells like Blizzard and Whirlwind. Avoid fire AoEs by staying mobile.

Phase Three:

Attacks: Combines all previous attacks with a powerful ground slam that sends gold waves.

Tactics: Dodge gold waves by moving laterally. Use high-damage spells and skills when Avarice is stunned or immobilized.


By understanding Avarice the Gold Cursed’s attack patterns, leveraging your characters’ strengths, and maintaining strategic distance, you can successfully defeat this formidable boss. Ensure you utilize Sorcerer’s magic, Barbarian’s durability, and Necromancer’s minions to maximize your combat effectiveness. Defeating Avarice not only rewards you with valuable experience and items but also enhances your capabilities for future encounters in Diablo 4.

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