How To Build a Beastmaster Primalist In Last Epoch

Posted: 2024-05-31

Posted: 2024-05-31

Source: MMOWOW

There are many minion-focused subclasses in Last Epoch, but none of them make you feel quite as much like a Disney princess as the Beastmaster. As a Beastmaster, you’ll travel the ages with a retinue of woodland creatures, from the toothsome sabertooth to the highly venomous scorpion.

Maybe your average Disney princess doesn’t have quite as many claws and venom sacs associated with their woodland friends, but the Beastmaster cares not for the cute and cuddly. This Primalist subclass is out for blood with their furry bestie's help; with this guide, you’ll find out just how deadly the Beastmaster can be.


Beastmaster Strategy

It’s best to think of your minion (or minions) as helpful allies than your main source of damage. You’ll still be the main damage dealer fighting in the thick of things alongside your chosen animal companion. Your animal friend(s) can offer damage buffs and supplemental damage but don’t expect them to do all the work for you.

That said, your animal companions can provide some potent support. Your Wolves' Howl, for example, provides a 25 percent damage boost, a 20 percent attack speed boost, and heals you too. For this reason, Wolves are the most popular choice of companion for Beastmasters, even though you start the game with Wolves unlocked.

Supplementing your pack will be Fury Jump, Swipe, and Warcry. Fury Jump not only helps you leap from engagement to engagement but also offers additional buffs every time you do. Swipe synergizes with Wolves to summon even more Spirit Wolves, and Warcry offers both buffs to your pack and debuffs to the enemy in equal measure. The only skill taken from the actual Beastmaster line in the recommended leveling build is Frenzy Totem for yet more stacking damage buffs.

Beastmaster Skills And Passives

The best part of this build is that you'll start the game with one of your skills already unlocked. Summon Wolf provides a helpful companion that will eventually grow into an entire pack of friends which multiply their damage with each new canine that joins.

Your next skill will be your bread-and-butter attack: Swipe. It'll synergize with Summon Wolf to summon Spirit Wolves later on, but in the early game, it'll mostly just kill whatever is in front of you. At level 10, you'll start skilling Fury Leap to not only deal more damage but also buff you and your team.

You'll unlock Warcry at level at Primalist level 10, but you won't be able to start skilling it until level 25. And finally, Summon Frenzy Totem arrives in the late game to help further boost your damage.

Summon Wolf Skills

The objective with Summon Wolf is to eventually unlock both the Pack Hunters and Safety in Numbers nodes. This will eventually allow you to summon a pack of five wolves when combined with your Beastmaster passive skills.

Start by heading to the right side of the skill tree, with four points into On the Hunt, Howl of Might, and finally the coveted Safety in Numbers. Now able to summon three wolves, you can head to the left node with two points into Lupine Endurance, Wolfen Recovery, and one point into Earthborn before unlocking Pack Hunters. With the Beastmaster passive Nature's Embrace, that's five wolves to do your bidding.

To give your doggos a little extra bite, finish their skill tree with Savage Hunters and Legendary Bite.


While Summon Wolf will follow a pretty standard path, how you unlock skills with Swipe will depend on how you feel. If you feel you need more damage, put more points into Way of the Hunt and Wengarian Reach. If you feel your damage is killing enemies just fine, then it's time to put points into Aspect of the Panther and Wild Calling.

Wild Calling is what synergizes Swipe with your wolves. Each time you hit at least one enemy, there's a chance you'll summon a Spirit Wolf to deal even more damage. With some increased attack speed from Fury Leap and Warcry, you'll find yourself summoning Spirit Wolves fairly often.

After you max our Spirit Wolves, focus on the Aspect of the Panther nodes and eventually Culling for a big damage boost.

Fury Leap

Fury Leap makes this build feel far more dynamic. Warriors Entrance and Frenzied Onslaught gives you a big damage buff every time you leap, while Panther Strike and Regain Stamina will have you jumping almost as often as you'd like. A single point into Windhammer makes longer leaps especially damaging.

The beauty of this skill is that it can be used both offensively and defensively. Leap into combat, kill and stun on impact, and then leap away when you need to.


Warcry will start as just a temporary stun and knockback to keep from being overwhelmed, but once you unlock the Berserker node, it'll become a buff you'll want to activate before combat. It becomes a game of trying to get as many Berserker stacks as possible to improve your damage, with Brutality increasing the duration and number of stacks possible.

Once you've unlocked those nodes, unlock Deep Roar, Battle Cry, and Ferocity for additional crit damage, and Frailty to remove your enemies' damage potential.

Frenzy Totem

Once you've reached skill level 15 or so with Summon Wolf, you can summon wolves up to your companion maximum. This means there's no reason to have Summon Raptor or Bear around. Thankfully, Summon Frenzy Totem doesn't count towards your companion maximum since it's a totem.

Start heading down the right side of the Frenzy Totem tree with two points in Rabidity and Bestial Frenzy, then grab Furious Cry and Lead The Pack. This will improve your wolves' damage and refresh Howl's cooldown every time you cast Frenzy Totem, allowing you to double cast Howl for double the healing when necessary.

Once done, head down the left side of the tree with Grounded and Dig In. The tether mechanic added to Frenzy Totem is worth it for the massive damage boost, and eventually, you'll max out Totemic Reach to make the tether as long as possible.

Primalist Passives

We're going to stick with the minimum number of Primalist passive skills to help your summons (and yourself). The main skills here are Primal Strength, which increases your primary stat (Strength), and Survival of the Pack, which provides health leech and a boost to both your and your minions' damage.

Hunter's Restoration unlocks Hunter's Emanation, which provides yet more damage and Primal Medicine is there for a little bit more damage and some healing for your minions.

Beastmaster Passives

The party starts with Ursine Strength as it improves your Strength stat. With all eight skill points placed there, next put eight points into Savagery for yet more damage for both yourself and your minions. Now at 16 levels into Beastmaster, put one point into Lamprey Teeth for a little extra health leech, two points into The Chase for increased minion move and attack speed, and one point into Ambush to unlock the Aspect Of The Shark buff, which we'll return to a bit later.

Next comes Boar Heart for five levels, and then Axe and Claw for the next five levels. This improves your Strength and base melee attack damage, which will serve as a solid damage base for the rest of the game.

Now, head back to the bottom row of passives to unlock Rending Maw and four points of Hunters of the Deep. This allows you to keep Aspect of the Shark up almost constantly while in combat, providing a 75 percent melee damage boost and 10 percent melee attack speed.

From here, put another point into Rending Maw for a little additional armor shred, and then one point into The Circle Of Life, and then eight points into Ocean Maw. This will improve your Aspect Of The Shark buff to have constant up-time during combat and also improve its damage by 120 percent.

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