How To Get Magnetite in Skull and Bones

Posted: 2024-06-20

Posted: 2024-06-20

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As with most open-world games, exploration is also a key part of Skull And Bones, as you need to visit every part of the map to find new materials to harvest. Each resource type in the game can be found in a certain part of the map, which doubles the importance of exploration.


Magnetite is a valuable mineral in Skull and Bones that plays a crucial role in crafting, trading, and upgrading your ship and equipment. Its importance cannot be overstated, as it directly impacts your ship’s performance and your overall success in naval battles.

How to Obtain Magnetite

Mining Locations: Magnetite can be mined from specific nodes located throughout the game world.

Shipwrecks: Scavenge Magnetite from sunken ships found in certain areas of the sea.

Trading with Merchants: Purchase Magnetite from traders at various ports and outposts.

Recommended Method for Obtaining Magnetite

The most efficient way to obtain Magnetite is through mining. Here's how to do it:

Map Locations and Routes to Obtain Magnetite

Identified Mining Nodes: Look for mining nodes on islands known for their rich mineral deposits. These are often marked on the map with a pickaxe icon.

Specific Route:

Starting Point: Begin at a major port or outpost where you can gather supplies.

Route: Sail towards regions marked with mineral-rich areas, typically found in rugged, rocky coastal regions.

Landmarks: Look for large rock formations and cliffs where Magnetite deposits are likely to be.

Signals and Landmark Items for Locating Magnetite

Visual Cues: Look for shimmering rock formations that indicate the presence of Magnetite.

Environmental Clues: Listen for the sound of mining activity or look for mining camps and equipment.

Map Icons: The pickaxe icon on the map highlights known mining locations.

Clues and Important Information in the Game

NPC Dialogues: Interact with NPCs in ports and outposts. They often provide valuable information about nearby Magnetite deposits.

Notes and Maps: Collect notes and maps found in chests or on defeated enemies that might detail Magnetite locations.

Processing Magnetite After Acquisition

Storage: Store the Magnetite in your ship’s cargo hold to keep it safe.

Refinement: Take Magnetite to a crafting station or a blacksmith to refine it into usable materials.

Trading: Magnetite can be sold to merchants for a high price or traded for other valuable resources.

Functional Features of Magnetite

High Value: Magnetite is a highly valuable mineral, making it a lucrative resource for trading and crafting.

Versatility: Its use in crafting various ship components makes it a versatile and indispensable material.

Rarity: Being relatively rare, obtaining Magnetite can significantly enhance your ship’s capabilities and your standing in the game.

Mining Locations:

Primary Mining Sites: Search for mining nodes on islands with rocky terrains. These sites are often marked on your map with a pickaxe icon.

Route and Landmarks:

Starting Point: Begin at a main port or outpost.

Sail Route: Navigate towards mineral-rich areas, usually found in coastal regions with prominent rock formations.

Landmarks: Look for large, glittering rock formations and mining equipment scattered around.

Looting Shipwrecks:

Sunken Ships: Explore shipwrecks, often marked on the map with a ship icon. These can be found in deeper waters.

Exploration Tips: Use diving gear and watch for glimmers or chests in the wrecks.

Trading with Merchants:

Port Merchants: Visit merchants in ports and outposts who might sell Magnetite.

Trading Tips: Accumulate trade goods or currency to exchange for Magnetite.

Enhancements to Weapon Attributes with Magnetite

Once you've acquired Magnetite, it can be used to significantly enhance your weapons. The enhancements include:

Increased Damage: Magnetite can be used to forge stronger weaponry, increasing their base damage.

Enhanced Durability: Weapons enhanced with Magnetite will withstand more battles before needing repairs.

Improved Accuracy: Magnetite-infused upgrades can make your weapons more precise.

Practical Uses of Magnetite in the Game

Crafting and Upgrading Weapons:

Cannons: Use Magnetite to craft higher-damage cannons.

Armor Plating: Improve your ship's durability by upgrading its armor with Magnetite.

Sails: Enhance your ship's speed and maneuverability with Magnetite-infused sails.

Special Ammunition:

Craft advanced ammunition types that deal more damage and have special effects using Magnetite.


Sell Magnetite for high prices or use it to barter for other rare resources.

Required Materials and Quantities

Enhanced Cannons: Requires 2 units of Magnetite for each upgrade.

Advanced Armor Plating: Needs 3 units of Magnetite.

Special Ammunition: 1 unit of Magnetite per batch of advanced ammo.

Efficient Methods to Gather More Magnetite

Frequent Mining: Regularly visit known mining sites.

Loot More Shipwrecks: Dive and explore shipwrecks more often to find hidden Magnetite.

Smart Trading: Engage in trading activities to acquire Magnetite from merchants.

Potential Pitfalls and Recommendations

Overlooking Environmental Cues:

1. Always be on the lookout for shimmering rocks and sounds of mining. Use your spyglass to scan for mining nodes from a distance.

Ignoring NPC Hints:

2.Talk to NPCs in ports and outposts. They often provide valuable information on where to find Magnetite.

Misusing Resources:

3.Prioritize using Magnetite for crucial upgrades like weapon enhancements and armor plating to get the most benefit.

As always, looting other ships is also another way of collecting materials such as Magnetite Ingot, but this one cannot be found in low-level ships, which means you either sail a long road to the southeast or you have to engage in deadly battles unless your ship is high-level enough to get rid of bigger sea rulers!

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