How to complete EA FC 24 Euro Throwbacks Objectives

Posted: 2024-06-20

Posted: 2024-06-20

Source: MMOWOW

EA FC 24 is all about Euro 2024 and will remain this way until the start of Copa America on June 20. This means lots of Ultimate Team content—full releases, SBCs, and Objectives. Here’s how to complete one of the more engaging challenges, the Euro Throwbacks Objectives.


Objectives are a fan favorite because they always encourage you to engage with EA FC 24 in a natural way that doesn’t require tiresome grinding and rewards you for your efforts. The rewards are rarely as strong as in larger releases or SBCs, but players are still flocking to complete Objectives anyway, a testament to the sheer fun these could be.

The Euro Throwbacks are a poster child for exactly why EA FC 24 Objectives are so popular. These are a series of challenges themed around historic events, teams, or players from previous editions of the European Championship. It’s as close as we get to recreating Euro history in Ultimate Team.

How to complete Euro Throwbacks Objectives in Ultimate Team

There are five total challenges to complete as part of the Euro Throwbacks Objectives:

Le Roi – Score nine goals with French players in any game mode.

Greek Triumph – Win a match in any game mode with at least four players from either Greece or Portugal in your starting eleven.

One of a Kind – Average 2+ goals per match for five matches in any game mode with any version of Cristiano Ronaldo.

Three in 15 minutes – Win a match by scoring at least three goals with Turkish players in any game mode.

Trophy Cabinet – Win four matches in any game mode with at least five players from Germany and five players from Spain in your starting eleven.

You can only complete the last challenge if you have the German and Spanish players in your starting lineup at the same time. You cannot finish the Euro Throwbacks Objectives by playing one match with five Germans and another with five Spaniards.

What are the Euro Throwbacks rewards in EA FC 24 Ultimate Team?

Each Euro Throwback Objective has its own reward upon completion, which is 400 XP. Completing all five would net you 2,000 XP. The big prize is awarded after finishing all five challenges, and it amounts to two untradeable 87+ Rare Gold Players packs. Not terrible, but unless you are incredibly lucky, you’d find much better players floating about in our EA FC 24 Make Your Mark live tracker.

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