How To Get Refined Pelts Acquisition in Skull and Bones

Posted: 2024-06-22

Posted: 2024-06-22

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Refined Animal Pelts in Skull and Bones

Refined animal pelts are valuable resources in "Skull and Bones." These pelts, crafted from the hides of various animals, are essential for upgrading your ship, crafting high-quality equipment, and trading for rare items. Their high durability and quality make them a prized commodity among pirates.

Acquiring Refined Animal Pelts

Methods of Acquisition:

Hunting: Track and hunt wild animals in designated areas.

Trading: Purchase pelts from traders in ports.

Looting: Acquire pelts from defeated enemy ships or raided settlements.

Quests and Missions: Complete specific quests or missions that reward refined pelts.

Recommended Method:

Hunting: This is the most straightforward and reliable method. By learning the locations of animals with valuable hides, you can efficiently gather the needed pelts.

Locations and Routes for Refined Animal Pelts

Unlockable Points on the Map:

Refined animal pelts can be found in various regions, often marked by animal icons on the map. Key locations include dense forests, mountain ranges, and coastal areas where wildlife is abundant.

Specific Routes:

Southern Jungle: Accessible from the main port, follow the river south to the dense jungle where large predators roam.

Mountain Pass: Head east from the pirate camp, navigating through the mountain pass to find high-altitude animals.

Coastal Cliffs: Travel west along the coastline to reach the cliffs where seabirds and coastal animals can be found.

Signals and Landmark Items


Animal tracks and sounds indicate the presence of wildlife.

Broken branches or disturbed vegetation point towards recent animal activity.

Landmark Items:

Rock Formations: Unique rock structures often mark the territory of certain animals.

Water Sources: Rivers, lakes, and ponds are common gathering spots for animals.


Clues and Important Information

During Gameplay:

Tracking Skills: Use your tracking skills to follow animal trails more effectively.

Environmental Clues: Pay attention to droppings, fur, and claw marks that indicate animal presence.

Handling Refined Animal Pelts

After Acquisition:

Storage: Store pelts in a safe place on your ship to prevent damage.

Crafting: Use crafting stations to convert raw pelts into refined versions.

Trading: Visit traders at ports to sell or trade your refined pelts for other resources.

Important Considerations:

Pelts Quality: Ensure pelts are in good condition; damaged pelts yield lower-quality refined versions.

Inventory Management: Keep track of your inventory to avoid overburdening your ship.

Using Refined Animal Pelts

Usage Scenarios:

Ship Upgrades: Enhance your ship's durability and performance.

Equipment Crafting: Create high-quality gear for your pirate and crew.

Trading: Exchange for rare items and resources at port markets.

Practical Uses and Features

In-Game Benefits:

Enhanced Durability: Upgraded ship components crafted from refined pelts last longer and withstand more damage.

Improved Equipment: Crafting high-quality weapons and armor provides significant combat advantages.

Valuable Trade Goods: Refined pelts fetch high prices, making them a lucrative trade item.

Function Details:

Durability and Strength: Items made from refined pelts are more durable and provide better protection.

Rarity and Value: These pelts are rare and highly sought after, adding strategic value in both trade and combat scenarios.

Detailed Methods for Acquiring Refined Animal Pelts:

1.Hunting Wild Animals:

Identify Rich Hunting Grounds: Locations such as dense forests, mountainous regions, and coastal areas are prime spots for finding animals with valuable hides.

Track and Hunt: Use tracking skills to follow animal tracks, sounds, and other environmental clues. Ensure you're equipped with the right weapons for hunting to avoid damaging the pelts.

2.Trading with Merchants:

Port Traders: Visit various ports and trade other resources or currency for refined pelts. Establish good relationships with traders to get better deals.

3.Looting Enemy Ships and Settlements:

Naval Battles: Engage enemy ships and loot their cargo for pelts.

Raiding Settlements: Attack enemy settlements and outposts, where pelts might be stored.

4.Quests and Missions:

Side Quests: Complete specific side quests that reward refined pelts.

Main Story Missions: Certain main missions might also offer refined pelts as rewards.

Most Efficient Method:

Hunting Wild Animals: This method is often the most reliable and does not depend on the availability of traders or the outcome of battles. It allows you to directly gather the required materials.

Benefits of Refined Animal Pelts for Weapons:

Acquiring refined animal pelts significantly enhances the attributes of your weapons. Here’s how they improve your arsenal:

Increased Damage: Weapons crafted or upgraded with refined pelts deal more damage.

Enhanced Durability: These weapons have increased durability, meaning they last longer in combat without breaking or requiring repairs.

Improved Accuracy: Certain upgrades can also enhance weapon accuracy, making it easier to hit targets.

Practical Uses of Refined Animal Pelts in the Game:

Upgrading Ships:

Use refined pelts to reinforce ship hulls, improve sails, and enhance other components to increase overall durability and performance.

Crafting High-Quality Equipment:

Weapons: Crafting or upgrading swords, pistols, and rifles to increase their effectiveness in combat.

Armor: Creating stronger, more protective armor for yourself and your crew.

Weapons and Equipment Crafted with Refined Pelts:

Reinforced Hulls: Requires 10 refined pelts for significant durability improvements.

Enhanced Sails: Needs 8 refined pelts to improve speed and maneuverability.

Upgraded Swords and Pistols: Generally require 5-7 refined pelts per weapon, enhancing damage and durability.

Sturdy Armor: Uses 6 refined pelts to increase protection levels.

Materials Quantity and Quick Acquisition:

Detailed Material List:

Reinforced Hulls: 10 refined pelts

Enhanced Sails: 8 refined pelts

Upgraded Weapons: 5-7 refined pelts each

Sturdy Armor: 6 refined pelts

Quick Acquisition Tips:

Focus on Rich Hunting Grounds: Regularly visit and hunt in areas known for a high concentration of valuable animals.

Upgrade Tracking Skills: Enhancing your tracking abilities will make it easier and faster to locate animals.

Efficient Use of Time: Combine hunting with other activities such as exploration and quests to maximize efficiency.

Common Misconceptions and Tips:

1.Misconception: "Trading is the fastest way to get refined pelts."

Reality: While trading can be convenient, hunting provides a more reliable and steady supply of refined pelts without the need for currency.

2.Misconception: "Any weapon can be used for hunting."

Reality: Using the right weapons (e.g., bows and rifles) ensures that you don’t damage the pelts, which is crucial for getting refined quality.

3.Misconception: "Raiding always yields refined pelts."

Reality: Raiding can be hit or miss, as not every enemy ship or settlement will have the desired resources.


Prioritize Hunting: Make hunting a regular part of your gameplay routine to steadily accumulate refined pelts.

Track Efficiently: Improve your tracking skills and learn the behaviors of different animals to hunt more effectively.

Strategic Upgrades: Focus on upgrading essential equipment first, such as your ship’s hull and your primary weapons, to maximize the benefits from refined pelts.

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