How to Improve Farming Efficiency in League of Legends

Posted: 2024-06-21

Posted: 2024-06-21

Source: MMOWOW

Farming is the act of a champion killing multiple minions to gain gold. Certain champions have abilities which aid them in farming. Farming early game will allow you to purchase better items, making your late game stronger. Later in the game, farming opportunities will be fewer.

Farming is an essential component of early-game laning. Champions try to out-farm the enemy and "win" the lane.


Understanding the Basics of Farming


Definition: Last-hitting involves delivering the final blow to a minion to earn gold.

Technique: Pay attention to minion health and practice timing your attacks to ensure you land the killing blow. Auto-attacks and abilities can be used for precise last-hits.

Wave Management:

Freeze the Lane: Keep the minion wave just outside your turret’s range to farm safely and deny your opponent farm.

Slow Push: Allow your minion wave to build up gradually, creating a larger wave that can crash into the enemy turret and provide you with time to roam or recall.

Fast Push: Clear the wave quickly to make the enemy lose minions to their turret, giving you the chance to recall or rotate to other objectives.

Early Game Strategies for Effective Farming

Champion Selection:

Easy Farmers: Choose champions with strong auto-attacks or abilities that make last-hitting easier (e.g., Annie’s Q, Nasus’ Q).

Wave Clear: Champions with area-of-effect (AoE) abilities can clear minion waves quickly (e.g., Malzahar, Sivir).

Starting Items:

Doran’s Blade: Provides extra damage and lifesteal, helpful for sustain and last-hitting.

Doran’s Ring: Grants ability power and mana regeneration, aiding champions who use abilities to farm.

Runes and Masteries:

Domination Tree: Electrocute can add extra burst damage for last-hits.

Precision Tree: Press the Attack or Fleet Footwork can aid in dealing more damage and sustaining in lane.

Resolve Tree: Grasp of the Undying or Aftershock can help with survivability while farming.

Farming Techniques and Tips

Practice in Custom Games:

Spend time in custom games solely focusing on last-hitting to improve your timing and accuracy without the pressure of an actual match.

Harassing While Farming:

Use abilities or auto-attacks to harass your opponent while farming. This can force them to miss farm while you continue to collect gold.

Minion Aggro:

Be aware of how minions target you. Attacking an enemy champion near minions will draw their aggro. Use this knowledge to manage minion waves better.

Ability Usage:

Use abilities sparingly to secure cannon minions or to clear waves quickly when necessary. Balance your mana usage to ensure you have enough for trades or all-ins.

Adapting to Different Lane Matchups

Against Aggressive Laners:

Safe Farming: Farm under your turret if you’re being heavily pressured. Understand turret shot damage to secure last-hits effectively.

Defensive Items: Consider early defensive items like Cloth Armor or Null-Magic Mantle to sustain in lane.

Against Passive Laners:

Pressure and Poke: Use your advantage to deny them farm and apply pressure. Harass them when they go for last-hits.

Roaming: Push the wave into their turret and look for opportunities to roam and assist other lanes.

Utilizing Jungle Assistance

Coordinate with Your Jungler:

Ganks: Set up ganks by communicating with your jungler when the enemy laner is overextended or low on health.

Lane Priority: Having control over your lane allows you to assist your jungler with objectives like Scuttle Crab, Dragon, or buffs.

Mid-Game Transition

Recall Timing:

Optimal Recall: Recall after clearing a wave to minimize lost farm. Use the gold to purchase items that will enhance your farming or combat potential.

Teleport: If you have Teleport, use it strategically to return to lane quickly and continue farming without losing experience or gold.


Wave Push: Push your wave before roaming to ensure you don’t miss out on too much farm.

Objective Control: Assist in securing objectives like Dragon or Rift Herald, which can provide team-wide benefits.

Improving your early game farming efficiency in League of Legends requires practice, strategy, and adaptation to different matchups. By mastering last-hitting, managing minion waves, selecting appropriate champions and runes, and coordinating with your team, you can build a solid foundation for a successful game. Remember, consistent practice and game awareness are key to becoming a proficient farmer and gaining the upper hand in your matches.

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