How to make silver in Skull and Bones--A Pirate’s Guide

Posted: 2024-04-08

Posted: 2024-04-08

Source: MMOWOW

Discover the best items to sell for silver in Skull and Bones to boost your pirate treasure chest!

Are you itching to make some extra silver in your plundering adventures on Skull and Bones? Well, look no further, as we delve into the treasure trove of advice from fellow scallywags on what to sell for that shiny loot. Here’s the scoop on the top items to cash in on!



Gold gin, gold rum, black opium, and snuff are the top-selling items for pirates to make silver.

Filter your warehouse by commodities to identify sellable items like weapons, furniture, and processed goods.

Diamonds, rubies, and specialty items like carronades and dardanells fetch a hefty price.

Some pirates even recommend selling everything for maximum profit.

Coveted Riches: Gold, Gin, and Rum

One pirate, Dimplexor, shared their secret to success, stating, “Gold gin, gold rum, black opium, snuff. Make around 400-500k per day ish?” It seems the prized possessions in the pirate world are as simple as gold-infused beverages and exotic substances.

Pirate Provisions: From Smoke to Gold

Sm0kecheck advised fellow buccaneers to filter their warehouse by commodities to uncover sellable goods. They recommended converting sugar cane and smoke into valuable commodities like gold gin and gold smoke to sell for a profit.

Gemstones and Artillery: Hidden Treasures

Nick6352 stood out with their suggestion to sell diamond stacks and ruby items, proving that sometimes the most valuable treasures come in gemstone form. C0d3v1rus also highlighted the lucrative trade in specialty items like carronades and dardanells.

Three cheers to TheRiver_Algos who took a no-holds-barred approach by simply stating, “Everything.” A bold strategy that may lead to the ultimate pirate payoff!

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