Marcus Rashford’s Thinking celebration is now in EA Sports FC 24

Posted: 2024-04-07

Posted: 2024-04-07

Source: MMOWOW

Marcus Rashford is a Manchester United player known for his agile playstyle and his recently controversial “Thinking” or “Temple Point” goal celebration. Since this guide is all about his signature move, let’s first break it down: Rashford’s celebration is a mime-like move wherein he points to his temple as if he’s implying thinking. Since this celebration was added to the roster of fun after-goal moves of EA Sports FC 24, we will teach you how to perform Rashford’s Thinking on the pitch.


How to Do Rashford’s “Think” Celebration

After scoring a goal, hold LT and double-tap the X button. On PlayStation, perform the move by holding the L2 button and double-tapping Square. If you are on a PC, replicate Rashford’s celebration by double-right-clicking while holding W. For Nintendo, the recipe is to double-tap Y while holding L.

PlayStation: Hold L2, and press Square + Square.

Xbox: Hold LT, and press X + X.

PC: Hold W, right-click + right-click.

Nintendo Switch: Hold L, and press Y + Y.

These inputs will make the striker hold his index finger near his temple as if miming “thinking.” The move is an excellent choice for relieving moments when you score a goal after a long period of being pressured by the opponent.

Rashford’s Signature Move’s Meaning

Marcus Rashford has implied that his signature celebration—which is now on FC 24—reflects his struggle with mentality. Pointing to his temple point is a gesture of being in the right headspace and mindset, something he lacked in the past season.

In the Premier League’s current season, Rashford also performed a “Talking” celebration with which he mocked those who criticized him over supporting his fellow player from another soccer team. However, this celebration is yet to be added to EA Sports FC games.

Can Other Players Perform Rashford’s Temple point?

Any player can do Marcus Rashford’s celebration, as it’s an inclusive move. Even in real-life soccer games, other players have replicated his move. Bukayo Saka from Arsenal and Danny Welbeck from Brighton & Hove Albion are two examples. But Rashford’s gesture has been so popular that even the cricket star Jofra Archer did it in one of his matches.

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