How to play Ornn in League of Legends

Posted: 2024-06-17

Posted: 2024-06-17

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League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that pits two teams of five champions against each other. Each team aims to destroy the opposing team's Nexus, a core building located within their base. The game is set in the fantasy world of Runeterra, where champions from various regions and backgrounds come together to fight.

Ornn's Role and Positioning:

Ornn, the Fire below the Mountain, is a tank and a fighter, often played in the top lane. He excels in initiating fights, providing crowd control, and creating durable frontline presence for his team. Ornn's unique ability to forge items on the battlefield gives him and his team a strategic advantage.


Ornn's Skills and Detailed Playstyle:

Passive - Living Forge / Master Craftsman:

Living Forge: Ornn can spend gold to forge non-consumable items anywhere on the map.

Master Craftsman: Ornn and his teammates can purchase upgraded versions of select items when near him.

Q - Volcanic Rupture:

Ornn slams the ground, creating a fissure that deals damage and slows enemies. After a short delay, a magma pillar forms at the end of the fissure, acting as terrain.

W - Bellows Breath:

Ornn becomes unstoppable and breathes fire, dealing a percentage of the target's maximum health as magic damage. The final gout of flame causes enemies hit to become Brittle.

E - Searing Charge:

Ornn charges forward, dealing damage to enemies he passes through. If Ornn collides with terrain, the impact creates a shockwave that knocks up and stuns enemies.

R - Call of the Forge God:

Ornn summons a massive lava elemental that stampedes toward him. Enemies hit by the elemental are slowed and become Brittle. Ornn can then recast the ability to charge into the elemental, redirecting it and knocking up any enemies it hits.

Skill Order:

Maximize W - Bellows Breath first for the damage and crowd control, followed by Q - Volcanic Rupture for poke and zoning, and finally E - Searing Charge for mobility and additional crowd control. Take points in R - Call of the Forge God whenever available.

Rune Recommendations and Analysis:

Primary Path: Resolve

Grasp of the Undying: Enhances Ornn's trading in lane with added sustain and damage.

Demolish: Helps take down turrets faster, capitalizing on Ornn's tankiness.

Second Wind: Provides additional sustain in lane against poke damage.

Overgrowth: Increases Ornn's maximum health as the game progresses.

Secondary Path: Inspiration

Magical Footwear: Provides free boots and additional movement speed.

Biscuit Delivery: Offers sustain and mana regeneration in the early game.

The chosen runes enhance Ornn's durability, sustain, and utility in the laning phase and team fights.

Item Builds and Recommendations:

Core Items:

Sunfire Aegis: Provides health, armor, and an area-of-effect burn.

Thornmail: Counters heavy attack damage champions with armor and reflected damage.

Abyssal Mask: Enhances Ornn's crowd control effects and provides magic resistance and mana.

Situational Items:

Frozen Heart: Counters attack speed-based champions.

Gargoyle Stoneplate: Increases survivability in team fights.

Randuin's Omen: Reduces damage from critical strikes.

These items are chosen to maximize Ornn's tankiness and ability to disrupt enemy formations.

Early, Mid, and Late Game Playstyles:

Early Game:

Focus on farming and trading efficiently with W - Bellows Breath. Use Q - Volcanic Rupture to poke and zone your opponent. Look for opportunities to use E - Searing Charge to knock enemies into terrain for crowd control.

Mid Game:

Start grouping with your team for objectives. Use R - Call of the Forge God to initiate fights or disengage. Prioritize upgrading items for your teammates with your passive.

Late Game:

Serve as the frontline in team fights. Use your crowd control abilities to protect your carries and disrupt the enemy team. Continuously upgrade items for your team to maintain an advantage.

Combos and Practical Tips:

Basic Combo: Q -> E -> W

Team Fight Initiation: R -> E -> Q -> W

Using Brittle: Apply Brittle with W or R, then follow up with auto-attacks or Q to proc the bonus damage.

Team Composition and Synergy:

Engage Compositions: Ornn excels with champions like Malphite, Leona, and Sejuani, who can chain crowd control effects.

Scaling Compositions: Pair Ornn with late-game carries like Jinx or Kassadin, where his item upgrades provide significant benefits.

Single Target Compositions: Use Ornn's crowd control to lock down high-priority targets, allowing champions like Kha'Zix or Zed to capitalize.

Strengths and Weaknesses:

Strengths: Strong team fight presence, excellent crowd control, and ability to upgrade items.

Weaknesses: Can be kited by ranged champions, relies on team coordination to maximize his ultimate's effectiveness.

Long-Term Playability:

Ornn is recommended for long-term use due to his consistent impact in team fights, versatile build paths, and unique ability to enhance his team's power through item upgrades.

Ornn Laning and Team Fight Strategies in League of Legends

Laning Phase Strategy:

During the laning phase, Ornn should focus on efficient farming and trading. Here are the key points to consider:

Farming: Use your Q - Volcanic Rupture to last-hit minions and poke your opponent simultaneously. This ability has a low cooldown and mana cost, making it an excellent tool for both harass and wave clear.

Trading: Trade with your opponent using W - Bellows Breath to apply the Brittle effect. Follow up with an auto-attack to proc the bonus damage from Brittle. If the enemy champion is close to terrain, use E - Searing Charge to knock them up and secure favorable trades.

Positioning: Stay near your turret and play defensively if you are against a strong early game champion. Ornn is tanky but vulnerable to sustained poke and ganks, so vision control with wards is crucial.

Item Forging: Take advantage of Ornn’s passive to forge items during downtime in the lane. This gives you an edge in sustain and power without needing to recall frequently.

Team Fight Strategy:

Ornn’s strength shines in team fights with his crowd control and initiation abilities. Here’s how to handle different scenarios:

Initiation: Use R - Call of the Forge God to start team fights. Aim to hit as many enemies as possible with the initial knock-up, then recast to redirect the elemental for additional crowd control.

Follow-up: After initiating with your ultimate, follow up with E - Searing Charge into the terrain to create a knock-up zone. Use W - Bellows Breath to apply Brittle to multiple enemies and amplify your team’s damage.

Peeling: Protect your carries by staying close to them and using your crowd control abilities to disrupt enemy divers. Ornn’s E and R can knock up and displace enemies threatening your backline.

Zoning: Use Q - Volcanic Rupture to create zones of control, especially around objectives like Dragon and Baron. The magma pillar acts as terrain, blocking enemy movement and forcing them into disadvantageous positions.

Engage Tactics Against Different Champions:

Against Mobile Champions (e.g., Yasuo, Fiora): Time your E - Searing Charge to predict their dashes and position yourself near terrain. Use R - Call of the Forge God to catch them when their mobility spells are on cooldown.

Against Ranged Champions (e.g., Jayce, Teemo): Play defensively and use Q - Volcanic Rupture to poke from a distance. Utilize your passive to stay healthy by forging items, and look for opportunities to all-in when they overextend.

Comparison with Corki:

Corki, being a ranged AD/AP hybrid with high mobility and poke, provides a contrasting playstyle to Ornn’s tanky, melee presence. While Corki focuses on dealing consistent damage and kiting enemies, Ornn excels at absorbing damage, controlling the battlefield with crowd control, and engaging fights.

Practical Gameplay Tips:

Positioning: Always be aware of your positioning in team fights. As Ornn, you are the frontline and should be the first to engage or peel for your carries.

Combo Execution: Practice the timing of your combos. For example, Q - Volcanic Rupture followed by E - Searing Charge into the pillar maximizes your crowd control.

Objective Control: Ornn’s abilities are excellent for controlling objectives. Use Q and R to zone enemies away from Dragons, Barons, and turrets.


Mastering Ornn requires understanding his strengths in crowd control and team fight initiation. By focusing on efficient farming, strategic trading, and effective use of your abilities, you can dominate the laning phase and provide invaluable support in team fights. Remember to adapt your tactics based on the enemy champions and always stay aware of your positioning to maximize your impact.

By incorporating these strategies, you will enhance your gameplay with Ornn and contribute significantly to your team's success. Good luck on the Rift, and may your mastery of Ornn lead you to many victories!

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