How to Build the Best Clorinde Teams in Genshin Impact

Posted: 2024-06-18

Posted: 2024-06-18

Source: MMOWOW

As a 5-Star Electro on-field damage dealer in Genshin Impact, Clorinde is very flexible and works well in some powerful team setups. In this guide, we’ll be going over some awesome teams you can use with Clorinde to make her damage shine in Genshin Impact.


Electro is a really versatile element in Genshin Impact that has a whole variety of reactions it works well with. However, there are two reactions, in particular, that stand out with how Clorinde plays. We’ll be focusing on building two powerful team comps around the Quicken reaction, as well as the Overload reaction.

Best Clorinde Aggravate Team Comp in Genshin Impact

Clorinde | Fischl | Nahida | Kazuha

Aggravate is a reaction triggered by combining Dendro and Electro elements and works best when using a very strong on-field Electro damage dealer. In this case, that role is perfect for Clorinde. She’s able to slash and dash around with her skill and ultimate to deal a ton of Electro damage and zap all the Dendro cores to deal tons of extra damage. To pull this off, you will need a strong Dendro support character who can keep applying Dendro consistently for Clorinde. Nahida is the absolute best in slot here. Her application of her skill is unmatched, and her Burst creates an amazing Elemental Mastery buff for the team.

If you don’t have Nahida, you aren’t out of luck. Any other Dendro support can be used in her stead. Some prime options include Kirara, who can also provide shielding, Collei Dendro Traveler, Baizhu, who can add both healing and shielding, and Yaoyao. There are plenty of great options to choose from. Using a shielder or a healer will add a fair bit of extra comfort to using the team as well. Clorinde doesn’t strictly require a defensive option on her teams, unlike other on-field damage dealers. This is due to her massive self-healing capabilities from her kit. She is still vulnerable to being knocked around, though, so a shield could prove valuable to a lot of players.

Fischl is one of the absolute best off-field Electro damage dealers in the game, even though she is a 4-star. Build her for Elemental Mastery and damage for this team, and she’ll do an amazing job at supplementing Clorinde’s exceptional damage from off-field. Lastly, we have Kazuha. He’s amazing in pretty much any team, thanks to his buffs, incredible grouping, and swirling damage. He’s excellent at swirling Electro to trigger Dendro alongside the other Electro characters. If you don’t have him, you can swap him out for Sucrose or another Dendro character for extra application or utility.

Best Clorinde Overload Team Comp in Genshin Impact

Clorinde | Chevreuse | Xiangling | Fischl

Overload was a reaction that’s not been sought after or utilized much in the history of Genshin Impact. It’s only now a powerful reaction thanks to the 4-star character Chevreuse. She is necessary to enable this team as using her to trigger Overloads creates electro-resistance shreds on enemies. This allows Clorinde and Fischl to deal a ton of extra Electro damage whenever the effect is active. It’s such a powerful buff that it even rivals the damage output of the first team comp.

For characters, Clorinde and Chevreuse are required to make the team work. Xiangling can be swapped for Bennett, Thoma, or Dehya for extra utility at the cost of damage. Fischl can be swapped out for Beidou, Kujou Sara, or Yae Miko as other good, high-damage options. One of the biggest issues with Overload is that the reaction typically knocks back enemies. However, with characters like Clorinde, who can dash, and Fischl, who has good ranged damage, it helps to deal with chasing down enemies.

That covers of two of the most powerful team comps you can currently run with Clorinde in Genshin Impact. Both are exceptionally powerful teams with a variety of character options and very different playstyles. Try out one of these teams with Clorinde, and you’ll be dominating the Abyss with her in no time.

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