Optimal Troop Upgrades for Clash of Clans Success

Posted: 2024-07-10

Posted: 2024-07-10

Source: MMOWOW

Core Objectives and Upgrade Pathways in Clash of Clans

Ultimate Core Objective:

The primary goal in Clash of Clans is to build and fortify your village, train a formidable army, and engage in strategic battles to gather resources, gain trophies, and rise through the ranks. Success hinges on both offensive and defensive capabilities, balancing base development with tactical troop deployment.


Upgrade Pathways Classification:

Upgrades in Clash of Clans can be broadly classified into the following categories:


Resource Buildings: Mines, Collectors, and Storages.

Defensive Structures: Cannons, Archer Towers, Mortars, and more.

Army Buildings: Barracks, Spell Factories, and Army Camps.

Heroes: Barbarian King, Archer Queen, Grand Warden, and Royal Champion.


Elixir Troops: Barbarians, Archers, Giants, etc.

Dark Elixir Troops: Minions, Hog Riders, Valkyries, etc.

Super Troops: Enhanced versions of regular troops with special abilities.


Elixir Spells: Lightning, Healing, Rage, etc.

Dark Elixir Spells: Poison, Earthquake, Haste, etc.


Barbarian King: A melee tank unit.

Archer Queen: A ranged damage dealer.

Grand Warden: A support unit with aura-based abilities.

Royal Champion: A versatile attacker with shield-throwing capabilities.

Impact of Prioritizing Hero Upgrades:

Upgrading heroes significantly influences your success in both offense and defense. Heroes have powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battles, making their upgrades crucial for advancing in the game.

Recommended Hero Upgrades

1.Barbarian King:

Role: Tank and front-line attacker.

Skill: Iron Fist – Temporarily boosts his damage and summons additional Barbarians.

2.Archer Queen:

Role: Ranged attacker with high damage output.

Skill: Royal Cloak – Turns invisible for a short period, dealing increased damage and summoning Archers.

3.Grand Warden:

Role: Support hero with health-boosting aura.

Skill: Eternal Tome – Grants temporary invincibility to surrounding troops.

4.Royal Champion:

Role: Versatile attacker with unique shield ability.

Skill: Seeking Shield – Throws her shield to damage multiple defenses.

Focus on Archer Queen

Basic Role and Skills:

The Archer Queen is a pivotal hero due to her powerful ranged attacks and the ability to target both ground and air units. Her Royal Cloak ability provides invincibility and extra damage, making her essential for taking down key defenses and enemy heroes.

Reasons to Prioritize Archer Queen's Upgrades:

High Damage Output: Her attacks can quickly eliminate critical enemy defenses.

Versatility: Effective in various attack strategies and defensive setups.

Game-Changing Ability: Royal Cloak can clutch crucial moments in battles.

Recommended Army Compositions with Archer Queen:

Queen Walk: Combining Healers with the Archer Queen to keep her alive while she clears sections of the base.

Mass Hog Riders: Using the Queen to clear potential threats, allowing Hog Riders to sweep through defenses.

Lavaloon: Supporting the main air attack force by taking down key air defenses with the Archer Queen.

Archer Queen

Role and Skill Features:

Basic Role: The Archer Queen is a high-damage ranged hero with the ability to target both ground and air units. She is instrumental in both offensive and defensive strategies.


Royal Cloak: This ability makes her invisible for a few seconds, increases her damage, and summons a group of Archers to assist in battle. It is particularly useful for taking out high-value targets or escaping dangerous situations.

Reasons to Prioritize Archer Queen's Upgrades:

High Damage Output: The Archer Queen's attacks are powerful, making her a crucial asset in taking down enemy defenses.

Versatility: Her ability to target both air and ground units makes her useful in a variety of attack strategies.

Game-Changing Ability: Royal Cloak can turn the tide of battle by allowing the Queen to avoid damage and deal significant damage at critical moments.

Recommended Army Compositions with Archer Queen:

Queen Walk: Pairing the Archer Queen with Healers to keep her alive while she clears sections of the base.

Mass Hog Riders: Use the Queen to eliminate key defenses, allowing Hog Riders to devastate the base.

Lavaloon: The Queen can clear out air defenses and other threats to the main air attack force.

Grand Warden

Role and Skill Features:

Basic Role: The Grand Warden is a support hero with a unique ability to boost the health of nearby troops through his Life Aura. He can switch between ground and air modes, making him highly adaptable.


Eternal Tome: This ability grants temporary invincibility to all troops within the Warden’s aura, making it invaluable during crucial phases of an attack.

Prioritize Grand Warden's Upgrades:

Support Capabilities: His Life Aura increases the durability of troops, significantly boosting the overall effectiveness of an attack.

Eternal Tome: The invincibility granted by this ability can protect troops from devastating enemy defenses, allowing them to deal maximum damage.

Adaptability: His ability to switch between ground and air modes allows him to fit into various attack strategies.

Recommended Army Compositions with Grand Warden:

Electrone: Using the Grand Warden with Electro Dragons to enhance their health and protect them during crucial moments.

Mass Miners: His aura and Eternal Tome ability keep Miners alive longer, increasing their destructive potential.

Bowitch: Combining Bowlers and Witches with the Grand Warden’s support can create a formidable force.

Royal Champion

Role and Skill Features:

Basic Role: The Royal Champion is a versatile attacker with the ability to target defenses using her Seeking Shield ability. She is highly effective at cleaning up remaining defenses.


Seeking Shield: This ability allows her to throw her shield at multiple defenses, dealing significant damage and potentially turning the tide of battle.

Prioritize Royal Champion's Upgrades:

Versatility in Attack: She can target and take down key defenses that other troops might struggle with.

Effective Cleanup: The Seeking Shield ability allows her to finish off weakened defenses, making her invaluable in the later stages of an attack.

High Mobility: Her ability to jump over walls makes her highly effective at reaching and eliminating critical targets.

Army Compositions with Royal Champion:

Hybrid (Hog Riders and Miners): The Royal Champion can target defenses that would otherwise threaten these units.

Yeti Smash: Using the Royal Champion to clean up defenses after the main force has done its job.

PEKKA Smash: Her ability to assist in taking down defenses complements the heavy-hitting PEKKAs.

Importance of Combining Heroes with Different Attributes

Combining heroes with diverse attributes is crucial for maximizing the effectiveness of both offensive and defensive strategies in Clash of Clans. Each hero brings unique abilities and strengths to the battlefield, and understanding how to leverage these can significantly influence the outcome of battles. For example, while the Archer Queen can provide high damage output and precision targeting, the Grand Warden can enhance troop durability and offer strategic invincibility, and the Royal Champion can quickly dismantle key defenses.

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