The Ultimate Genshin Impact Chongyun Showcase Revealed!

Posted: 2024-07-10

Posted: 2024-07-10

Source: MMOWOW

Genshin Impact, a widely acclaimed action RPG developed by miHoYo, offers an expansive world filled with diverse characters, each bringing unique abilities and storylines. Among these characters is Chongyun, a 4-star Cryo Claymore wielder from Liyue, known for his exorcist background and stoic demeanor. This showcase aims to provide a comprehensive guide on Chongyun, detailing his lore, abilities, optimal builds, and gameplay strategies to maximize his potential.



Chongyun hails from a long line of exorcists and has inherited a unique constitution. He possesses an innate positive energy that repels evil spirits, making his exorcist training somewhat redundant. Despite his reserved nature, Chongyun is deeply committed to his profession, striving to overcome his sensitivity to heat and maintain his composure. His interactions with other characters reveal a compassionate individual determined to uphold his family's legacy.


Chongyun's abilities revolve around Cryo damage, making him an excellent choice for triggering Elemental Reactions, particularly Melt and Freeze.

Normal Attack: Demonbane

•Normal Attack: Performs up to 4 consecutive strikes.

•Charged Attack: Drains stamina to perform continuous spinning attacks, concluding with a powerful strike.

•Plunging Attack: Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground, dealing AoE damage upon impact.

Elemental Skill: Spirit Blade - Chonghua's Layered Frost

•Chongyun strikes the ground with his claymore, creating a circular field of Cryo damage. Within this field, sword, claymore, and polearm-wielding characters' attacks are converted to Cryo damage.

Elemental Burst: Spirit Blade - Cloud-parting Star

•Chongyun summons three giant Spirit Blades that strike the ground, dealing AoE Cryo damage and launching enemies.

Passive Talents

•Steady Breathing: Swords, claymores, and polearms wielded by characters within the field created by Chonghua's Layered Frost gain increased attack speed.

•Rimechaser Blade: When the field created by Chonghua's Layered Frost disappears, another Spirit Blade is summoned to deal AoE Cryo damage.

•Gallant Journey: Reduces expedition time in Liyue by 25%.

Optimal Builds

Chongyun can be built as a main DPS, sub-DPS, or support character, depending on team composition and playstyle.

Main DPS Build


•Wolf's Gravestone: Increases ATK and provides a substantial ATK boost to the party when hitting enemies with low HP.

•Prototype Archaic: Offers a balanced ATK boost with a chance to deal additional AoE damage.


•Blizzard Strayer (4-piece): Increases Cryo DMG Bonus and Crit Rate against frozen or Cryo-affected enemies.

•Gladiator's Finale (2-piece) + Blizzard Strayer (2-piece): Boosts ATK and Cryo DMG.

Stat Priorities

•Sands: ATK%

•Goblet: Cryo DMG Bonus

•Circlet: Crit Rate/Crit DMG

Sub-DPS Build


•Skyward Pride: Enhances Energy Recharge and provides a damage boost through vacuum blades.

•Sacrificial Greatsword: Allows for multiple uses of his Elemental Skill by resetting its cooldown.


•Noblesse Oblige (4-piece): Increases Elemental Burst DMG and boosts party ATK upon using an Elemental Burst.

•Emblem of Severed Fate (2-piece) + Blizzard Strayer (2-piece): Balances Energy Recharge and Cryo DMG.

Stat Priorities

•Sands: Energy Recharge/ATK%

•Goblet: Cryo DMG Bonus

•Circlet: Crit Rate/Crit DMG

Support Build


•Favonius Greatsword: Increases Energy Recharge and generates Energy particles on Crit hits.

•Sacrificial Greatsword: Resets the cooldown of the Elemental Skill, allowing for consistent Cryo application.


•Noblesse Oblige (4-piece): Enhances Elemental Burst DMG and boosts party ATK.

•Blizzard Strayer (2-piece) + Noblesse Oblige (2-piece): Increases Cryo DMG and Elemental Burst effectiveness.

Stat Priorities

•Sands: Energy Recharge/ATK%

•Goblet: Cryo DMG Bonus

•Circlet: Crit Rate/Crit DMG/Healing Bonus (if utilizing healing capabilities)

Gameplay Strategies

Team Compositions

•Permafreeze Team: Pair Chongyun with Hydro characters like Xingqiu or Mona to constantly freeze enemies.

•Melt Team: Combine Chongyun with Pyro characters like Xiangling or Bennett for high-damage Melt reactions.

•Superconduct Team: Use Chongyun with Electro characters like Fischl or Raiden Shogun to reduce enemy physical resistance.

Rotation and Skill Usage

1.Start with Elemental Skill: Use Spirit Blade - Chonghua's Layered Frost to convert allies' attacks to Cryo.

2.Trigger Elemental Reactions: Coordinate with team members to maximize Melt, Freeze, or Superconduct reactions.

3.Utilize Elemental Burst: Deploy Spirit Blade - Cloud-parting Star to deal significant AoE Cryo damage.

4.Maintain Field Effects: Keep allies within Chonghua's Layered Frost field for Cryo-infused attacks and increased attack speed.


Chongyun is a versatile Cryo character capable of fitting various roles within a team. By understanding his abilities, optimizing his builds, and utilizing effective gameplay strategies, players can fully harness Chongyun's potential in Genshin Impact. Whether serving as a main DPS, sub-DPS, or support, Chongyun brings a unique set of skills that can elevate any team's performance in the game.

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