Path Of Exile Will Reveal 3.24 Necropolis Expansion Soon

Posted: 2024-03-13

Posted: 2024-03-13

Source: MMOWOW

Dear Exiles, Path of Exile 3.24 Necropolis Expansion is finally confirmed to be announced on March 21, 2024. So in this guide, we’re going to talk about some of the exciting new features, quality of life, and balance changes that have been confirmed so far in POE 3.24 expansion announcement, as well as my guesses about them.

Knowing these things will give you a head start when entering a new league. Of course, don’t forget to buy some POE Currency before entering. Without further ado, let’s get started!


Major Updates To The Trading System

In interviews with developers, it was mentioned that there will be a series of major updates to the existing trading system. One example is the itemization of Aisling and other Syndicate Bench Crafts.

Currently, these services are quite expensive and are mostly traded through third-party platforms. Future itemization can significantly reduce the trade value of these Bench Crafts. But on the plus side, this will make them more accessible and less time consuming.

More changes to trading systems may also surprise us, especially Bulk Trading. I can’t reveal the details yet because of lack of sufficient evidence.


When it comes to quality of life, every league developer improvises more on quality of life features to save us as players time and energy. One confirmation is a change to Passive Tree Respect/Orb Of Regret functionality.

In POE 3.24, Respecing Atlas Passive Tree is cheaper and more accessible to lower levels and more expensive on higher levels. In my opinion, there’s no good reason to make these things ruthless for new players, unless the company wants to limit server performance to its audience.

Nowadays, developers are trying to get better, especially when it comes to welcoming other RPG audiences into their favorite series. There are rumors of some quality of life changes in POE 3.24, but I can’t share them because of a complete lack of evidence to support them.

Transfigured Gems

But in POE 3.24, we will definitely see a series of new Transfigured Gems. You can look forward to the old Righteous Fire, which will probably be based on flat damage without % scaling. But again, this is just speculation. So far, the developers have confirmed that more Transfigured Gems will appear in the game.

Balance Change

The most concerning thing among players in this update is the balance changes. One such example is that Cycling Damage Reduction monsters will be easier to deal with. In my opinion, this mod is one of the most unethical and unfair monster mods to survive Archnemesis nerfs.

For the sake of the community, I won’t mention any details about nerfing skills and passive trees here. But I’m guessing the developers could give the overall melee gameplay style some love. What I mean is that playing melee builds with the same level of investment as spell and bow builds, this could also come as melee weapon balance or tech changes that reduce the reliance on totem play styles.

Personally, I’d like to see more deterministic crafting options on lower levels for leveling up, like there was in Last Epoch. But this is unlikely to happen.

Ascendancy Rework

Also, there’s a chance we’ll see another Ascendancy rework that didn’t happen in POE 3.23. I won’t get your hopes up, but you can expect updates to Gladiator and Assassin classes, as well as changes to existing balance. POE 3.24 announcement will also showcase its exclusive league mechanics, as well as new items and rebalancing of existing unique items.

The most anticipated information, however, is whether the current Affliction league mechanics and Wildwood Passives will remain in the base game. Even if this is the case, how will it be implemented?

POE 2 Update

Finally, we’ll have important news and updates on POE 2 development. This may not sound as interesting these days, although there are currently a lot of humdrum videos on the subject. But trust me, this game will raise ARPG standard to a whole new level upon release.

They’re still adding new ideas to Path of Exile 2, while learning from the successes and failures of POE 1 and other ARPG games. However, when POE 2 does launch, they will divide the community unless the POE 2 endgame meets the standards of a POE 1 endgame. Anyway, let’s look forward to the new expansion!

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