Skull and Bones Fight Club: Opt-In Expanded PvP, And Slay Enemies to Raise Money for Oceans

Posted: 2024-03-18

Posted: 2024-03-18

Source: MMOWOW

Hit the seas and defeat enemies in Skull and Bones and you could help raise money for ocean conservation. Plus, PvP anywhere on the seas is on the way.


Ubisoft has announced the Waves of Change campaign, Kicking off on March 18th and running through March 31st. play the game and defeat in-game enemies like Headhunters, Skirmishers, and Season One’s major villain, Pirate Lord Philippe La Peste, and Ubisoft will make donations to the global ocean conservation organization, Oceana.

Launching the charity campaign event is a new video detailing some of the dangerous pollution affecting the seas, and how content creators and players will help with the fundraising. Skull and Bones may feature the potential for lots of treacherous sea voyages, there is some good ready to come out of it as well.

Speaking of treacherous seas, the Ubisoft Singapore team held a stream, where they confirmed that an expansion to PvP is coming soon. Starting in next week’s 1.3 update, you’ll be able to tag your PVP flag and raise it directly from the menu. you can decide to do with someone wherever you're sailing, engage in skirmishes, or otherwise fight anyone who's up for it wherever you are.

Game Director Juen Yeow Mak confirmed the change saying, “You know, you choosing a spot, to just having a duel with your friend. Just turn your flags on and just go there and duke it out. If people just want to skirmish, just do it”.

So, now we know that opt-in expanded PvP is on the way in Skull and Bones if you want to duel a friend or just get down to compete for glory. Of course, you also have a chance to do some good for the real life counterparts to those seas you’re sailing.

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