Night Crows has Surpasses $10 Million in Global Sales within the first three days of launching

Posted: 2024-03-20

Posted: 2024-03-20

Source: MMOWOW

South Korean gaming giant Wemade's web3 MMORPG, Night Crows, launched worldwide last week following its initial success in South Korea. The web3 fantasy game, co-developed with South Korean studio Madngine using Unreal Engine 5, has garnered attention for its innovative multi-chain technology.

Yesterday, CEO Park Kwan-ho of Wemade Co., Ltd. revealed that the game had reached a milestone, surpassing $10 million in cumulative sales just three days after its global launch on March 12th. The game's innovative incorporation of blockchain technology, featuring advanced multi-tokenomics, character NFTs, and the decentralized omnichain messaging protocol Unagi(x), has garnered praise from players and industry observers alike.


More About Night Crows?

After a debut in South Korea, Night Crows swiftly ascended the charts on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, accumulating over $151 million in in-app purchase (IAP) sales within just seven months. This remarkable success solidifies Night Crows as one of Wemade's flagship IPs.

Immersing players in the historical backdrop of 13th-century Europe, Night Crows casts each participant as a hero of the New Trieste. The game's narrative unfolds amidst numerous battles, delivering a unique and captivating gaming experience.

What sets Night Crows apart in the web3 gaming landscape is its robust multi-chain features. The game seamlessly integrates across six different blockchains, including Wemade's native gaming network, Wemix 3.0. This ambitious multi-chain technology marks a notable advancement for the Wemix network, with Night Crows aiming to establish a thriving decentralized blockchain economy.

In-Game Currency

Understanding the intricacies of Night Crows' tokenomics may require some time, but a cursory glance reveals CROW as the game's primary token. Minted as Value Added Diamonds (vDIA), players can earn CROW by actively participating in the game and reinvesting resources.

CROW serves as the in-game currency, facilitating purchases of items, characters, and NFTs. Additionally, CROW can be exchanged for other tokens supported by the game's multi-chain integration, spanning Avalanche, Ethereum, Kroma, BNB, Polygon, and Wemix 3.0.

Global Launch

The latest data (sales of over $10 million in three days) has set a new benchmark among Wemade's previously serviced games, 10 times surpassing even the highly successful MIR4 Global launched in 2021. Night Crows is currently available in 170 markets and has sustained its sales momentum since its debut. The regions with the highest traction so far indluce Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Brazil.

The current number of concurrent users is around 230,000 and continues to rise. Wemade is scaling up its server capacity to accommodate the growing player base, expanding from 24 servers at launch to the current count of 54.

The "Streamer Supporting System" (SSS), which is only available overseas, is also contributing to the success of Night Crows. This transparent sponsorship system fosters mutual growth between users, streamers, and streamer supporters. With over 600 active streamers participating, further user growth is anticipated.

Wemade and Chainlink CCIP

Wemade's integration of Chainlink CCIP into its omnichain protocol Unagi on the Wemix 3.0 mainnet is a significant step towards achieving secure cross-chain interoperability.

Unagi(x), described as Unagi's interoperability engine, now features Chainlink CCIP, aiming to facilitate seamless connectivity between various blockchains. Wemade's native Wemix 3.0 blockchain currently supports nine blockchains, including Arbitrum, Avalanche, BNB, Ethereum, Klaytn, Kroma, Optimism, Polygon, and Wemix 3.0 itself.

Final Thoughts

Wemade CEO Henry Chang expressed enthusiasm for the global launch of Night Crows stating: "With its groundbreaking omnichain gaming experience and exceptional, advanced multi-tokenomics, Night Crows is poised to revolutionize web3 gaming. Its success will drive growth and innovation not only within Wemix Play but across the entire Wemix Mainnet ecosystem."

For those intrigued by the complex world of Night Crows and its tokenomics, the game is available for download on the official Night Crows website, offering an immersive and revolutionary gaming experience on a global scale.

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